You’re Beautiful (Literal Video Version)

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25 Responses to “You’re Beautiful (Literal Video Version)”

  1. nhlpens Says:

    No, but I hope people in this day in age would stop being like small children and make fun of everything because they can not understand the reality of a situation. This video is like art and fine wine. You admire it, he captures the feelings of what it is like to be suicidal for real. You know, some people have been really given the wrong cards in life. Is it fair? Of course not, but that’s life right?

  2. shunagrrl Says:

    @nhlpens You honestly HOPE that someone gets suicidial because of a parody of a stupid video?

  3. 2010tqueen Says:

    love,love wheeeeeee,dats funny!

  4. nhlpens Says:

    “Funny” video.
    It’s made to create a mood for the viewer. If you ever get suicidal (and I hope you do) you will see things in the right light. Instead of going around with a brain like a 2-year old and making videos like this.

  5. nice3omar Says:

    Hahahahaha hilarious 😀

  6. impuredeath2 Says:

    Better than Justine Beiber!

  7. TallStarFilms Says:

    Think I’ll go for a dip in the swimming pool , WHEEE! this was not the smartest choice now what’s up with my voice. LOOVE THAT BIT!

  8. TallStarFilms Says:


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  10. avanochan Says:

    I want to see the rest.

  11. Maddogs300 Says:


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  16. jamesryan099 Says:

    why was herbert the old pervert from family guy singing the literal video?

  17. MilletteSheila Says:

    can’t wait to see your other literal music videos. Please make some more!!! This one is freaking awesome!!!

  18. indikman Says:

    LOL this is lot more interesting than the original one…….!!!

  19. MrBiny24 Says:

    So beautiful I laughed for three days

  20. NJYNLIFandMUSIC Says:

    This was hilarious!!!

  21. TookMeJerrb Says:

    My feet are getting itchyyyyyy lol


    @Dasachi in the original it’s sung by james blunt…. don’t tell me he has a “good” voice i think deshem sings exactly the same style

  23. Dasachi Says:

    @logafide213 i did think it was funny. i just couldnt fully appreciate it.

  24. logafide213 Says:

    @Dasachi its not about his voice its supposed to be funny come on get a sense of humor

  25. Soupdragon2011 Says:

    One of my favourite “literal versions” – thanks!