The Wanted – Glad You Came

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25 Responses to “The Wanted – Glad You Came”

  1. Haid Mogry Says:

    For people new: this is the old one direction

  2. Robert Herrera Says:

    the sun goes down
    the stars come up… but what I really want to know is


  3. kirk mcrae Says:

    Glad you came

  4. Que Esa Wea Says:


  5. Wilson Guzmán Says:

    I remember when I first heard this on Pandora, this song’s lit, idgaf.



  7. TributesAndOpinions Says:

    1) 2:58 Nathan’s face is sooo pretty 2) 3:00 Anyone else notice how hot
    Jay’s legs are??? 3) I love TW! They have beautiful faces and a great ass!
    None of them are flat 4) I LOVE this song! It reminds me of Romanian music

  8. NetroxGTAFiles Says:

    Cancion de mcdonalds xD

  9. onoalerr Says:

    Can’t believe people keep commenting that they’re here because of
    McDonald’s!! the song was a huge hit before it was featured on its

  10. kirito kun Says:

    nathan bello (prety)

  11. laurita162 Says:

    Mc’donalds song xD

  12. Saloman Akhoon Says:

    Sic them youngins on ’em

  13. haloxxguy6743 Says:

    0:22 oh wow they have porno in this.

  14. Hugo Hdz Urdapilleta Says:

    Los Amoo

  15. Hae Soo Ahn Says:


  16. TuyuqVampram Says:

    It’s kinda boring, though.

  17. ariel caballero Says:

    Mc donals xD jajajaj

  18. Nahian Sanchez Says:

    Favourite song EVER BITCHES

  19. yessica lopez Says:


  20. NOficialCanal Says:

    is the wanted gay?

  21. Alexandra Valkova Says:

    i dont know why, but in 00:10, when nathan is on, i am laughing so hard 😀

  22. Aine Siobhan Says:

    The wanted is not gay

  23. Hayle savage Says:

    I love the wanted and one direction and all I want to know is why can’t the
    twfanmily and directioners like the other band

  24. อนุชิต วิจิต Says:

    Fuck yeah!!!!

  25. E&England ∞ Says:

    I love you Nathan but i love liam payne and you