The Wanted – All Time Low

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “The Wanted – All Time Low”

  1. xHALLOxELISEx Says:

    i wish they could cone back, and make music togheter.. im a huge fan!:) 

  2. Jeyma Romero Says:

    I wish they could cone back;(

  3. MegaJohndoe1991 Says:

    I really hate how the song became all Americanized. It sounds like another
    generic piece of Eurodance crap. If you look up the UK Mix of this song
    from their UK self-titled album you’ll hear the difference. The UK mix of
    this song sounds more powerful and has more impact and it sounds more
    Coldplayish, which would’ve made them stand out here in America. The song
    is still nice, but if they had kept the UK mix and just added more backing
    vocals over top of it that would’ve been perfection!

  4. AnotherEmi Says:

    I am just completely in tears right now! :'( Such an amazing video! I
    really wish they will come back to us soon!!!! This break is killing me!!!

  5. Rene Cheng Says:

    THE TEARS ARE REAL OMG I LOVE ALL OF THEM SO MUCH <3333 and i miss them :'(

  6. Not Luke Hemmings or any of 5SOS Says:

    They ruined a title of an amazing band what

  7. Nika LTU Says:

    767 people have a terrible taste of music

  8. AyaHayatYasmine Abdullah Says:

    How do I choose between my head and heart? 

  9. Muskan Shrivastava Says:

    This song and video literally bring tears to my eyes. I love them so much

  10. jacqueline escobar Says:

    I love this band soooooooooooooooooooooo amazing 

  11. Chloe Nelson Says:

    I miss you guys so much

  12. yasmim safadinha Says:

    I love you Nathan! The Brazil loves you, come to Brazil

  13. Selma SterTW Says:

    All Time Low 

  14. Sophie Rivera Says:

    All Time Low, the band, is still better (MY opinion) ^-^

  15. Tom Sykes Says:

    4 years ^_^

  16. Karen Monserrat Says:


  17. felipe hernandez Says:

    I wish they where moré famous

  18. Thomax Rosas Parker Says:

    missssssssssssssss idiolosssssssssssssss THE WANTED 

  19. Elina G Says:


    Remember when we were waiting for this to come out?

    The Wanted – All Time Low

  20. yasmim safadinha Says:

    Nathan i love

  21. becky parker Says:

    i love you TWFanmily x

  22. Kida Knightwing Says:

    You guys are so awesome.

  23. Sahana Laxmi Says:

    I don’t get why people hate on them. They’re actually incredibly talented
    in their own ways.

  24. Purple Monkey Says:

    Tom. And. Nathan. Are. So. Freaking. HOT! <3 <3