Take That – Up All Night

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33 Responses to “Take That – Up All Night”

  1. chaisenstarz Says:

    what is the last thing he says at the end of the song?

  2. eurkrho Says:

    mark i love u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. SpamIsTheWord Says:

    Is it just me or is this song and video really similar to the song Nine In the Afternoon by Panic at the Disco.

  4. ymistillavirgin Says:

    @TAKEthatRULEohYA desperate

  5. k8svidz Says:

    hold 6

  6. TheMarkc Says:

    @03klaidl there is

  7. muser098 Says:

    We had a party like this for the royal wedding, we had a band as well!! We played this song XD. You gotta love Take That!!

  8. starcore27 Says:

    your song always cheers me up . haha 🙂

  9. bubbletubs4u Says:

    Love the flat cap on Jason.!!

  10. kubbigee Says:

    What no Staffi!!!

  11. Starryvideos Says:

    Royal Wedding lol

  12. grainger2295 Says:

    @pirko07 Could be the fact that it seems to rain most days of the year, over here.

  13. 03klaidl Says:

    I wish there was still these kind of scenes in britain 🙁

  14. Wantedowl1 Says:

    lovee mark <3

  15. yelly001 Says:

    @irg19 he was certainly up all night so!!

  16. alemcgrgregor Says:

    Mmmmmm Mark… <3

  17. HPRulessomuch Says:

    That little girl with the ice lolly seriously creeps me out

  18. pirko07 Says:

    Why are moast brits so pale? Looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost convention

  19. Gothicgizzmo Says:

    I want them to keep me up all night…… xx

  20. shumeashaElb Says:

    i can”t stop listening to this song 🙂

  21. GaeilgeSpraoi Says:

    I love the song but the video, erm…

  22. MrCharliebites Says:

    yer i am famous im the girl in the bumble bee outfit lol

  23. PotentialGrows Says:

    EVERYBODY like my vids and make me go viral..so i can get POPULAR then i’ll get signed and become a MILLIONAIRE then i can by a MANSION and stock my house full of CHEXMIX eating them while in my home STUDIO making HITS :D..i did say pretty PLEASE..:))

  24. ImakeUwatch1 Says:

    @anxresi bit harsh

  25. ImakeUwatch1 Says:

    this should be the next song for the morrisons adverts. y’know as there is a lot of food?

  26. It's Ok I'm with the band Says:

    I am the queen of music bands.

  27. Andy Gunn Music Says:

    Andy Gunn rocks!

  28. Dylan Music Says:

    I love Bob Dylan

  29. Madonna Fan Says:

    Wish Madonna was MY mum! 🙂

  30. Ashley Tisdale Says:

    Anyone know where I can get the latest Ashley Tisdale videos?

  31. Lady gaga Videos Says:

    I am in love with Lady gaga

  32. No 1 Music Says:

    How many number 1s have there been?

  33. My Kingdom of Music Says:

    Brilliant music only