Take That – Sure

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24 Responses to “Take That – Sure”

  1. divacassandra1 Says:

    What are they wearing and who was responsible for its choice?

  2. Ranis844 Says:

    2:04 i love this part!!! <3

  3. inguuu89 Says:

    Markie respond to Robb..!!!

  4. Lorelai271 Says:

    Oh, they are soooo sexy in these fishnet t-shirts ;D

  5. inguuu89 Says:

    I`m home
    I`m ho-ho-home :D:D:D:D….

  6. 80cheeky Says:

    aaw, love this, bought back memories! and Mateo from Benidorm is in it 2

  7. jjfun26 Says:

    robbie was in the supermarked

    me: robbie! go to the supermarked again

    robbie: why

    me: because you forgot to but breakfast and dinner

    robbie: i have but it

    me: are you sure (i think you lie)

    robbie: yep (no i don´t lie)

    me: you have just bey candys

    robbie: sorry don´t kill me


  8. evabutterfly82 Says:

    I love this video… i love Robbie! <3

  9. xanseviera Says:

    Jason smiles~~ I died a lil bit inside~~~

  10. laltp Says:

    only ten times better cause they sing

  11. TheGigglesG Says:

    hey! there’s rob!

  12. TheGigglesG Says:

    heh? there’s robbie!

  13. TheGigglesG Says:

    heh? there’s robbie!

  14. Antonija79 Says:

    it’s a shame we never listen

  15. AnGawain Says:

    “Something’s burning!!…” Why did I just imagine this scene with Dawn and their two kids?… hahaha

  16. takethaterforlife Says:

    would love for mark or gary to of been my baby sitter . . . looks so much fun!

  17. DeathlySyndrome Says:

    god its like a cast for queer as folk xD

  18. TheyGaveMeBlood Says:

    I’ve been to the supermarket XD bahahaha..

  19. stelladeneb1 Says:

    Mark is the best

  20. MsRedSpecial Says:

    Just love them so much….i’m crazy.

  21. Wolfie248 Says:

    Never laughed so much wen i seen Robbie wearing a skirt xD

  22. Hamsterlove11 Says:

    MArky hey Marky come here love it!! :D

  23. lovelydovey0599 Says:

    that lil girls gota be like 21 now 🙂

  24. ThankMyself Says:

    gosh I wish that time had frozen in 1995, exactly at THIS point of time!