Take That – Rule The World

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25 Responses to “Take That – Rule The World”

  1. DaGreatBarker Says:

    why is it only 1:44 long?

  2. Hamza Hussain Says:


  3. MsAJP1998 Says:

    This is the song my step mum and dad got married to 3 years ago and now after 10 years o being together yet have broke up I am 14 ….

  4. So Delilah Says:

    Love it a lot! ♥

  5. kourosh474 Says:

    Simply amazing

  6. MyTeespoon Says:

    The best song from take that,

  7. Nayana K. Says:

    perfection *_*

  8. dannyguitarking1 Says:

    The name of this channel is take that vevo

  9. Milly Leveridge Says:

    Nice but why is it cut off, it makes it c r a p

  10. Lauren Taylor Says:

    Im in love with this song

  11. tije84 Says:

    love this song, but why is it cut off???

  12. romaiine bouciicault Says:

    wtf o.o

  13. karenharrington27 Says:

    Agggggghgh what the f**k i love this song god damit it is not the full f*****g song GOD DAMIT GET IT FIXED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. msplover454 Says:

    Where is the rest of vid get fixed or else

  15. sashthesunshine Says:

    Where the f*ck is the rest of the video? THAT’S MY FAVOURITE SONG DAMMIT

  16. Lauren Taylor Says:

    2 years ago today I was in Sunderland at Progress Live 🙂

  17. Sarjul75 Says:


  18. the1khaled Says:

    Why is that short??? 1:43??? Ugh!!

  19. ahaskell1034 Says:

    Why is it so short

  20. Aktenzeichen Fan Says:

    1:44? What’s that??

  21. Federica Maria Rita Scozzari Says:

    Si sono dimenticati un pezzo

  22. joshifamily19 Says:

    Focusing on gary?

  23. hso02150 Says:


  24. Michelle Caroline Ferreira Says:

    ??? E o resto da musica? :/

  25. braddahkamu Says:

    where’s the rest of the song……damn it