Take That – Pray

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26 Responses to “Take That – Pray”

  1. volkonarox Says:


  2. rileylawrence1998 Says:

    Besides, there’s nothing wrong with being gay!

  3. rileylawrence1998 Says:

    Well, if you think that this was gay, you should see ”Do What U Like” by Take That…

  4. rbrayan10 Says:

    this is a gay, very gay videoclip, sorry

  5. Antonina422 Says:

    Listen to this song every day! Very nice tune, very nice man.

  6. AndyFtw17 Says:

    3rd august 93 😉

  7. gemmasasha Says:

    Nope, you are right

  8. jva1975 Says:

    f..king great song….

  9. ladymay30 Says:

    i dont know why, but i think, that all the members are better looking now as then. maybe i get older too :-))

  10. Soltyrka Says:

    Kochałam się w nich ;p

  11. snappycruise Says:

    and this matters because..?

  12. snappycruise Says:

    funny the least sexy was the singer, so my classmates told me; I was never into it, I was into Nirvana, Therapy? , The Breeders etc at this time, I was 14! such a long time ago!

  13. aj91473 Says:

    Oh, my.. reading all this comments of girls being born when this was #1 makes me sick in my stomach. I was your age at the exact same time.. now married, with preteens. But, don’t think I’m old. I still have butterflies when I listen to this song and again dream of my huge crush Mark! Btw. It has been a long time. I don’t live in Europe anymore… Girls, enjoy your time, it will go by fast.. you will not even feel it.

  14. TheTimmydrake Says:

    This song makes me shout like a teenage girl

  15. taurusgirl751 Says:

    All i do each night is think, for all the time i close the door to keep my love within…..

  16. Pinigas3 Says:

    11th August 1993 TOP 1 UK.

  17. raikkonenowns1 Says:

    29th july 1993

  18. heyman4885 Says:

    all I do each night is pray ,,, weewewewe
    hoping that I’ll be a part of you some day again

  19. heyman4885 Says:

    gay for clicks

  20. THWProductions29 Says:

    check my channel out

  21. ALIENKAish Says:

    Summer 1993, this song and memories of my first love

  22. XxSarahT8xX Says:

    Never Forget was No. 1 on the day I was born 🙂

  23. nikitacikita07 Says:

    that´s so funny 😀

  24. DanQuinnPlayersClub Says:

    Always been queer as…

  25. pingi68 Says:

    Thumbs up if you’re born the day this was No.1… i’m looking for my kids… 🙂

  26. comics Says:


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