Take That – Love Love (X-Men Version)

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33 Responses to “Take That – Love Love (X-Men Version)”

  1. ThatGuyAdrianLF Says:

    @anapau27la I saw that Tumblr drawing, too 😀

  2. Hanny2Times Says:

    tony from skins 😀

  3. fifibable Says:

    why vevo counts only my views? (275,614)

  4. gypsymaria1984 Says:

    I can’t seem to find this version on iTunes! Help!

  5. Lenniitta Says:


  6. tx12100 Says:

    From Start to finish, This Song Rocks!

  7. TheDrugasaurus Says:

    wait, this is actually the worst thing ever.

  8. TheDrugasaurus Says:

    this is pretty gay, man

  9. irma12345cornelia Says:

    This song <3 It came on in our 6th form common room and all you could see was 20 something people doing the arm movement <3 sheer bliss and mixed with x-men.... My two addictions rolled into one!

  10. MarLuk27 Says:

    one word says it all: ADDICTED

  11. Belindable Says:

    Love this song!

  12. RophFata Says:

    I am addicted for this song, i love it 🙂

  13. superchief86 Says:

    Awesome movie, and an awesome song. And I never thought I’d say that about a Take That song. But I’d already decided I liked the song before I knew it was them singing it, and I guess I can’t change my mind just because I find out it’s a boy band (or man band :P)

    Only thing this movie needed was more Azazel. That dude was fucking badass.

  14. EmilyGranger22 Says:

    Charles is so hot, I could kiss him.

  15. justinlwerner Says:

    Great pop song!

  16. plagren Says:

    @KaseytheJudge Erm… “Charles and Erik minus the sex” implies that Charles and Erik did have sex. I guess I missed that part in the movie/comics. :-p

  17. ATalkingStar Says:

    @ProfessorRJLupin when the film ends

  18. peterelhce Says:

    I like the song and the film 🙂

  19. zimbag Says:

    beder from the same but not x-men

  20. zimbag Says:

    and i was thing was rong rong

  21. fassbenderislove Says:

    this is my favourite music video of all time thats to the sexy x-men clips in it lol. michael fassbender <3 it also made me like take that now. actually scratch that, somehow this song made me fall in love with take that lol. aww.

  22. LitteLuv Says:

    @stevephengb my mate said it is on when the credits come up

  23. MeMoXe23 Says:


  24. MIDDR3AM3R Says:

    @ProfessorRJLupin at the closing credits

  25. coolboy1997ful Says:


  26. Love Justin Bieber Says:

    Who wouldn’t do Justin Bieber?!

  27. Britney Says:

    Britney needs our help!

  28. Ultra Cat Music Says:

    All about ultra cats

  29. Shaggy Music Says:

    Shaggy did it better!

  30. Jokers Comedy Says:

    Made me laugh

  31. Great Songs Says:

    About time you learnt to sing!

  32. DJ Flawless Says:

    Time to give up DJ-ing lol

  33. FIbonacci Classical Says:

    Its time to get.. classical!