Take That – Love Love | (HD/HQ)

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32 Responses to “Take That – Love Love | (HD/HQ)”

  1. tobyhawk828 Says:

    Must vote FAIL!!

  2. HorrorWednesday Says:

    I love that British English πŸ˜€

    Greetimgs from Germany <3

  3. Squilfy Says:

    @kickbuttpikachu YES! When it came on in the cinema I was like singing, “This was never the way I planned, Not my intention…”

    (Only of course I Kissed A Girl really doesn’t apply to ‘X-Men First Class’ – I think we all know who Erik and Charles were really kissing…)

  4. AppyCalumProduction Says:

    @RaiinbowCandyHearts lol

  5. RaiinbowCandyHearts Says:

    @AppyCalumProduction now now. lets not bring mr faggot into this.

  6. anusia12122 Says:

    take that + song = X MEN πŸ˜€

  7. ZytkaPants Says:

    this song reminds me of The Killer’s sound… o.O

  8. krone900 Says:

    I can’t believe I actually like a Take That song.

  9. AppyCalumProduction Says:

    them 12dislike clearly suck justin bieber off

  10. kickbuttpikachu Says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the verses sounds like Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl?
    Anywho good song x)

  11. stuttgartgirl93 Says:


  12. ItsBamBamBoy Says:

    love love me wanna love love this song!

  13. sourcherry1216 Says:

    i love take that!

  14. littlepinkcat100 Says:

    Cool <33

  15. Helenn127 Says:

    I love LOVED seeing them in Glasgow a few weeks ago -3 =D xo

  16. JoeDeckz Says:

    Stuart Price FTW!!

  17. MrJezza31 Says:


  18. ishallcallhersquishy Says:

    @ksgoo4960 They play this song on Y100 in Miami all the time.

  19. Boothieroo Says:

    @ misssahahafierce
    I agree

  20. FBUESO Says:

    Thumbs up if you got interested in the film ’cause you knew this song would be on it!

  21. ksgoo4960 Says:

    I am on a mission to get this song heard here in America! any Take That fans out there in the USA, please call your local raido stations and request this song. It’s time for Take That to finally be a hit here in in America!!!!!!

  22. AZeeMusicUK Says:

    I love this song. Everything from the bassline to the chorus is awesome! I’ve made a cover of this song if anybody fancies checking it out if they get 5 minutes. Plus I’ve used the x-men version of the video which is pretty cool either way πŸ™‚ Can’t wait till I get to see Robbie at Wembley! watch?v=JgeREdeVZYs

  23. BearsNFL95 Says:

    I sooooo wanted to be an x-man after seeing this film :L

  24. RaiinbowCandyHearts Says:

    not really a fan of take that but id like to get into thier music c:

  25. GetLaRey Says:

    Love,Love … β™₯it.

  26. Pop Music Says:

    All about Pop

  27. Mike Shinoda Says:

    Its all about Mike Shinoda

  28. Bridezilla Says:

    Love Bride zilla

  29. Get girlicious Says:

    Girlicious = hotter than PCD

  30. Superpop Says:

    Get some pop on!

  31. James Pugh Says:

    Time for Jamie Pugh to sing it

  32. theoryofflight Says:

    Thats my theory