Take That – I’d Wait For Life

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25 Responses to “Take That – I’d Wait For Life”

  1. jamiebeattie1123 Says:

    vevo is a piece of shit

  2. lennonliv101 Says:

    Hate how this video is cut off, 30-45 seconds of Gary is missing :'(

  3. 251000Master Says:

    @JessicaOriginals1 i mean JOKING with her

  4. 251000Master Says:

    @JessicaOriginals1 im jkoking with her

  5. Krissyxxlyn Says:

    Gary Barlow wet???

    My shit day just got better 🙂

  6. JessicaOriginals1 Says:

    @251000Master omg, leave her alone, she has a life.

  7. xExpressUrSelfx Says:

    @mad4takethat I know what you mean. I’m just discovering them now (I’m from the USA) and it’s like…Damn, these men are talented and gorgeous, only they’re almost 40. But no matter, still so glad to be a fan now.

  8. lennonliv101 Says:

    You can’t see the dislike bar, that’s how it should be. <3

  9. rum1ras1 Says:

    this is the right perfect words at this point of my life

  10. oasis168 Says:

    i love this song

  11. usernamemaybe Says:

    this song is so beautiful

  12. srlibra Says:

    Gary is really Handsome and just so sexy i would never push him out of my bed he is fucking Hot!!!

  13. alienologo Says:

    seriously,gary i’d bang you. he make stright people turn gay!

  14. alienologo Says:

    seriously,gary i’d bang you.

  15. mad4takethat Says:

    I meant “it cant be healthy how much i love take that” etc….

  16. mad4takethat Says:

    It cant be healthy I love Take That, ‘specially Jason…..yummy….shame he was nearly 28 when i was born…………damn you, cruel world!……

  17. 251000Master Says:

    lenkaLovesMarkowen get a life sis

  18. ImKindaUnique Says:

    Aye Vevo are some craic cutting the video just before my favourite part!! >:(

  19. iashan101 Says:

    So emotional , amazing <3 <3 <3 i <3 them so much !!

  20. 1966teenyweeny Says:

    Gary, you are soooooooooooooooo gorgeous!!!!! <3 xx

  21. Ollie11Adams Says:

    Gary! ❤❤❤❤❤ 1:23

  22. kinghereafter Says:


  23. JessicaOriginals1 Says:

    @DigiCosmicAngel hahahah, thank you!

  24. DigiCosmicAngel Says:

    @JessicaOriginals1 *chuckles* You cheeky minx you are! xD LIIIKE!

  25. hallonsorbet96 Says:

    2:45 soo cute! Especially since jay’s the only one without a kid… 🙂