Take That / Fake That – Happy Now – The Video

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32 Responses to “Take That / Fake That – Happy Now – The Video”

  1. lsdanddontcare Says:

    @twihard2 actually I was thinking about it, too….From the girl-who-loves-Mark-Owen point of view…And I really don’t know….Maybe because of his charm and manners of behaviour.

  2. budgiebruce Says:

    They should do this on the tour x

  3. vampiresnextvictim Says:

    2:01 lol markie

  4. TheMsNaomiJ Says:

    is rob brydon in this??? xx

  5. TheMsNaomiJ Says:

    im lovin it fake that :L
    i love u mark owen xxx <3

  6. peternicolisgod Says:

    @sclaire91 alan carr

  7. peridotemma Says:

    LOL whoever came up with this idea is pure genius!!!

  8. twihard2 Says:

    I LOVEEEE David Walliams!

  9. twihard2 Says:

    God why is everyone loving Mark Owen? He cheated on his wife with 10 women!

  10. sclaire91 Says:

    i thought it was but he looks so diferent (alan carr)

  11. caliopeo83 Says:

    los amo!!

  12. TheZihara Says:

    me encantaaan! son buenisimos!

  13. Domaho126 Says:

    it is alan carr that is playing mark.

  14. olimpia776 Says:

    take that for eurovision 2012!!!!!

  15. sclaire91 Says:

    can someone tell me who is acting as mark owen? please 🙂

  16. chloeH480 Says:

    robbie and john was the best match up in my opinion

  17. pikanite Says:

    Alan.. So.. awesome.


  18. broganTheWanted Says:

    just love the fact that when their all stood at the mircophones mark and alan are propper dancing haha xx

  19. Skyclad65 Says:

    I am happy now cos my sister suprised me with tickets to see them , woohoo 🙂

  20. princesske Says:

    i can’t stop grinning, this is awsome you guys! the Fake Pray was the best 🙂

  21. rmarkv Says:

    I don’t know why, but it sounded way better on the radio when i didn’t know it was Take That

  22. tarantella212 Says:

    best song, best video ever XDDDD

  23. MikeBBFC Says:

    @Fife94 the guy who is meant to be robbie is john bishop

  24. elishamahoneyx Says:

    omg, this video makes me pee.. everywhere
    love the song (A)

  25. Wantedowl1 Says:

    i want to meet mark owen <3

  26. Pop Music Says:

    Everything you needed to know

  27. Shinoda Fan Says:

    Its all about Mike Shinoda

  28. Bridezilla Says:

    Love Bride zilla

  29. Girlicious Music Says:

    <3 Girlicious

  30. Super Pop Says:

    I love Pop

  31. James Pugh Says:

    Time for Jamie Pugh to sing it

  32. Flight music Says:

    thank for this