Take That – Could It Be Magic

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24 Responses to “Take That – Could It Be Magic”

  1. RacyReggie Says:

    Erm,they WERE and ARE MORE HANDSOME than your R’N’B-imitatin,UNKEMPT BACKSTREET BOYS,as WELL as FAR MORE TALENTED “I just wan-ted you to kn-ow!” (one of your BACKSTREET CAST-OFFS. Then AGAIN,you re YOUNG,you ll see my POINT OF VIEW when you get to MY age…………………………………………………..

  2. RacyReggie Says:

    DONNA SUMMER’S version was the BEST!

  3. RacyReggie Says:

    Like the PUSSUCAT DOLLS are DAMN DYKES (!)

  4. RacyReggie Says:

    Yes,GOOD-LOOKIN MEN,that also know how EXERCISE their MOVES on the DANCEFLOOR almost ALWAYS are,but the SAME is never deemed of WOMEN with the SAME ATTRIBUTES,just that the REST of us are “jealous”.

  5. RacyReggie Says:

    I remember,TOO!

  6. RacyReggie Says:

    Actually,they do. Their ALBUM version of this track was an IDENTICAL RECORDIN of the LATE,GREAT DONNA SUMMER’S version

  7. megaudc Says:

    Oh yeah, everybody’s forgotten about them now…

  8. robertjani Says:

    I just cant get over Robbie Williams dancing from 2:08 to 2:20. Absolute GOLD!!!

  9. macdaddybill Says:

    sorry this is pretty bland emotionless europop dance tune. they have no clue what they are singing about, just another band riding the coat tails of someone else who paid their dues. this boy band will be forgotten in a few more years….

  10. catspear Says:

    ahh my first crush aged 4..Robbie looks sooooo gorgeous in this!!

  11. RacyReggie Says:


  12. Ranis844 Says:

    yes, i’ts true….

  13. OnlyKimm93 Says:

    Not true!! 🙂

  14. vijayam1 Says:

    I always become happy listening to any of their songs

  15. fossilgirl8 Says:

    Oh. my. god. How do I even begin to describe my thoughts right now? I’ll just blurt it out: Tanned and Muscular Gyrating Men!! That Red Dress is SO Early 90s!! Robbie Has Really White Teeth!! Is That Cute Guy Beckoning to Me?? Was That a Pacifier?? What Just Happened Here??

    Oh, how I miss the happy-go-lucky videos of the 90s.

  16. DownWithThatcherism Says:

    Their early career when they were young and crazy…

  17. Ranis844 Says:


  18. 19alexander95 Says:

    Robbie is the only normal person in this video:p

  19. m46279 Says:

    Is that a bad thing?

  20. nogoodusernames667 Says:

    It must be magic because whenever I see this clip I feel like masterbating 🙂 MASTER WILLIAMS 😉

  21. nogoodusernames667 Says:

    This is Cap-fantastic SHIT! 🙂

  22. Remlundskan Says:

    You think this one is gay? Have you even *seen* Do What You Like? Now *that’s* gay! Gay softporn, if you want my opinion, but this? No, this is just the lads having a really, really good time!

  23. Ranis844 Says:

    robbie so hot!!! *¬*

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