Take That – Back For Good

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25 Responses to “Take That – Back For Good”

  1. quackadoodledoo1 Says:

    i love take that big fan i think thier the best boy band eva

  2. aminalala Says:

    @HaridosMac nope, youre not lame. the guy with the hat RUINS the sweetness of this song. hes so horrible it makes me cringe and laugh every time… and puke in my mouth a little at about 3:10 ><

  3. swycguy Says:

    You have taste in music man. I’m 40 and prefer the artists “of yesterday.”

  4. 01984lockyer Says:

    @222ksh what? dude that made no sense what so ever…So…You sure its me with issues? lol

  5. 222ksh Says:

    @01984lockyer so you are a 90+ person …i am 42 and listen to Doris ” the most beautiful” Day and am straight..but by our comment you have issues!!!

  6. 1235532155 Says:

    3:10 ahahaaaa omg.

  7. HaridosMac Says:

    This great song is ruined by the video. Well parts of it. It’s funny, but it kinda takes away from the emotion. Or maybe I’m just lame. Probably the latter.

  8. Anlimema Says:

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  9. Mollyy543 Says:

    Hey guys! check out my cover out of “said it all” please, Its pretty rubbish, but o well, Please check it out , thanks:-)

  10. 01984lockyer Says:

    @azah0009 laughing my ass off lmao

  11. azah0009 Says:

    @01984lockyer What does Imao mean?

  12. TheMrmatters Says:

    3:16-3:25 hahahaha

  13. CDmagz Says:

    Love this song x

  14. me2drescue Says:

    Robbie Williams looks just like Mark Salling from Glee in this vid! anyway <3 take that

  15. Rebelu2oo7 Says:

    @kangalic Oh, then… yeah, thank you. I believed that it has something to do with the way they move and the clothes and the… well, nevermind, I guess you’re right. ^_^

  16. wantonladyful Says:

    TT <3

  17. xxzenyaxx Says:

    @northernireland0000 many have trayed. all failed. TT forever.

  18. xxzenyaxx Says:

    Masterpiece.. for good.

  19. kangalic Says:

    @Rebelu2oo7 it’s because they are all so good looking !

  20. kangalic Says:

    Great song !! and Mark Owen is dreamy!!

  21. Rebelu2oo7 Says:

    Is it just me or… is this a bit… homosexual?

  22. jarvizcocker Says:

    douching in the rain

  23. AndrewPuccetti08 Says:

    Take That is Timeless!

  24. mauriziovermi Says:

    Este mensaje es de Sofia: Hola amor… cuidate…te extraño….muacksssssss
    (♥)•*””*•❤ S O F I A™®❤•*””*•.(♥) . estas siempre en mi mente..estas siempre en mis sueños..siempre en mis sentidos…. siempre en mi corazon… siempre en mi amor … siempre en mi alma …. siempre en mi eternidad…
    (♥)❤ S O F I A™®❤(♥) … No hay disfraz que pueda largo tiempo ocultar el amor donde lo hay…..yo tambien te extraño

  25. lottiexgrainne Says:

    its a pretty rainny day where they are!