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Katy Perry to relive her school days with the Super bowl performance

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Katy Perry is riding high with her performance for the Super Bowl Halftime Show at the University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona, being scheduled for the 1st of February, 2015. It is not just the performance that has the singer on cloud nine. In fact it will be a kind of reliving the past memories for Perry as she had been a student of the Paradise Valley Christian Preparatory school form kindergarten till the second grade.

The headmaster of this school, Sheryl Temple, remembers Katy’s charming smile and large eyes during her toddler day, which is also featured in the photo of the yearbook in 1990. (more…)

Katy Perry relishes her ‘Roar’ success

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

United States pop singer Katy Perry has been hitting the No 1 position across the world with her hit single called Roar, but it appears that the lovesick singer just had one to celebrate and that is to back her boyfriend John Mayer on his return tour.

Recently, the 28 year old star was seen watching her lover from the backstage area at Florida’s Cruzan Ampitheatre in West Palm Beach on Sunday as John performed his hits from his brand new album called Paradise Valley. Earlier in July, Katy was with John’s side when he started the Born and Raised tour, his first since his throat operation. Now it appears that she could not get enough from the 28 year old singer as she stared at John Mayer dreamily.

Even though the pair might appear blissfully happy, yet it was not easy for them to get here in their relationship. The couple had already split two times in their relationship with the last time being in March.

With John, Katy is also celebrating her success with John Mayer. Recently, Katy Perry hinted that her recent track ‘Roar’ was about her and John Mayer’s relationship and its ups and downs. While speaking to a radio, the singer told that Roar is a track he penned as she was a little bit upset. She found herself having a break with his boyfriend, who she loved very much and it really hurt her heart. She added that she told herself that she need to see what is going on with her and make sure she was all good.

Brand asked for marriage split via text message

Monday, July 1st, 2013

US pop singer Katy Perry has made it to the cover of the Vogue magazine’s July cover. In an interview she told that she was really in love with ex-husband Russell Brand, the British comedian and actor, when she tied the knot with him in the year 2010. On 2011 new year’s eve, she received a text message from Brand in which he stated that he wanted a divorce from her and she has not heard from him since that time.

Katy Perry has blamed herself for the split of their relationship till she found the real reason, but she is not ready to disclose the reason. Katy stated that it is true that he is very funny, but that did not really help when Brand made a joke about her during a show and he was not aware that Katy was present there at the show.

Katy told that she felt a lot of responsibility for it ending, but then she found out the actual truth that she could not necessarily disclose because she kept it locked in her safe for a rainy day. She let go and she was like that this was not because of her; it is beyond her. Therefore, she has moved on from that.

Katy also spoke about her on and off relationship, which is now over, with singer John Mayer. She told that all she could say about that relationship is that he has got a beautiful mind. Beautiful mind, tortured soul. She does have to figure out why she is attracted to these broken birds.

Perry told writer Vicki Woods that she is not in a relationship, she is just on her own. She is myself in her own bed. She has to be happy being alone, and she is happy.

John Mayer speaks about his break up

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Well now its official. Singer – songwriter John Mayer has now confirmed that he and Katy Perry has parted ways. Recently in the The Ellen DeGeneres Show that aired on 2nd March, Tuesday, the Born & Raised star stated that he has plans to keep up the details of the split. He told that his relationship with Katy Perry was a very private relationship. It was a private relationship during, and it is still a private relationship.

He added that he could understand asking the information based on previous answers he has given, but finally he has learned how to put the wall between one thing and the other. He had been much happier since then. He is on the same journey as everyone else. Coupling is really a tricky thing and she wants everyone to be happy.

Katy Perry and John Mayer first hit the headlines last year in June after they were seen out together. They carried on their cold and hot relationship right up till previous month when there were a rumor that they had parted ways, just weeks after they went to the Grammy Awards ceremony together.

While John’s personal life may be a bit dull, but his fans must prepare themselves for a really exciting summer. He is all set to hit a tour and he has already hired American Idol’s Phillip Phillips to be a part on his trek and it starts on 6th July, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Perry and John Mayer gets $ 20 million offer

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Recently it has been reported that Simon Cowell has offered Us pop singer Katy Perry and his song writer – singer lover John Mayer $ 10 million to be a part of the X Factor US show in a desperate move to keep audience for his show. Katy and John has been dating since July and somehow Simon thinks that their presence would help to show to have more audience.

a close source told that Simon sees them as a magnificent pairing. Katy is honest, sassy and a huge star, whereas John Mayor is more reserved and to have them as rivals would be great idea. If they really signs, that would be an unmissable scene.

Katy briefly appeared as a judge on the show’s UK version in the year 2010, but she rejected an offer to be a part of the show permanently following the departure of Cheryl Cole and Danni Minogue. She told that people have reached out to her about the possibility of being involved in reality shows and she think that it is not right for him right now.

Recently it was reported that Katy and John have their problems and reports suggest that John is findinf it tough to handle Katy Perry. Some have even claimed that Katy is driving John crazy.

Donald Trump warns Katy Perry

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

The billionaire businessman Donald Trump has offered his relationship advice to Katy Perry. He warned the ‘Wide Awake’ singer about John’s character. John has been in an on and off relationship with several stars and he started dating ‘I Kissed a Girl’ singer’ since last summer.

Donald Trump tweeted: “@katyperry is no bargain but I don’t like John Mayer. he dates and tells – be careful Katy (just watch!) (sic).”

It appears Donald is totally not wrong. Mayer dated a whole lot of famous women, including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson. In most cases, he had never been private about his relationship. Once he stated having sex with Jessica Simpson as ‘like crack cocaine to me.’

Still, John was really upset when he was the subject of the number ‘Dear John’ by Taylor Swift, another of his well known girlfriend.

He told that he was really caught off-guard. The track humiliated him at one point of time when he was dressed down. He felt at the lowest ever, as if someone kicked you even lower. He added that he felt terrible at that point of time and he think that he did not deserve it. At present, he is quite good at taking accountability, and he never did anything wrong to deserve that. It was a very lousy thing for Swift to do.

Later John apologized for his peccadilloes and told that he did some dumb interviews and that woke him up. These brought him into adulthood.

Katy started dating Mayer after she split with Russell Brand. After that there were rumors that Katy and John broke up, but they proved everyone wrong and their relationship is going quite well.