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Katy Perry Become the Most-Streamed Artists

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

Since 2014 is coming to an end, the time has come to find out the most popular and the best in music.

Spotify has declared the winners for this year’s most-streamed artists. It has also revealed some staggering numbers. Spotify has reported that more than 50 million users had registered in this year to listen to music for about 7 billion hours. About 733 million playlists were created by the users. Therefore, the favorite songs, albums, and artists of users are also evident from the end-of-year information.

The British singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran, has topped the “most-streamed artist” listing. He has managed to rack up 860 million listens. In June, the singer launched the sophomore album called X. The album included hit numbers like “Don’t” and “Sing”. It also became the most-streamed globally. X was listened to about 430 million times. This is very impressive because the album was launched only before 6 months. With these numbers, Sheeran has been crowned “most-streamed male artist” in 2014. The other men in the list, after Sheeran, include names like Eminem, David Guetta, Avicii, and Calvin Harris.

Katy Perry has been termed “most-streamed woman artist” globally. She has edged past Rihanna, who was honored with the title for the previous two years. In October 2013, Katy launched her album Prism, which includes hit singles like “Dark Horse”. Rihanna might have lost out to Perry because she hasn’t launched fresh music in over 2 years. Rihanna hasn’t been included in the top 5. The other notable women artists featuring in this list include Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Lordem, and Lana Del Ray.

Katy Perry hits the top spot

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Katy Perry, the United States pop singer, hit the top spot of the weekly 200 Billboard chart on Wednesday with her brand new album, even though the number of album sales were the lowest since 1991.

Prism, which is Perry 4th studio album, features lead track Roar, sold 286000 units in the 1st week only. The figures were released by Nielsen SoundScan, registering it as the top sales week by a female album artist earlier this year. It came before Bangerz of Miley Cyrus that sold 270000 units in just the 1st week earlier this month.

Perry’s newest album’s success has been helped by Roar’s popularity that hit the top spot in Billboard Hot 100 singles list.

Prism’a first week’s sales chart did not come near to the top debuts of this year, headed pop singer and actor Justin Timberlake whose The 20/20 Experience started with 968000 units earlier in March. New albums from Daft Punk, Kanye West and Jay Z also started with top sales earlier this year.

Total sales for the week finished on 27th October fell to a low of 4.5 million copies. Sales of album have been lower earlier this year equated with previous year, partly as listeners going to new digital forms to listen to music, and often for free. Other albums in Top Ten of Billboard 200 list that measures digital and physical sales, Fifth Harmony (a girl band) at the number six position with their Better Together.

Katy Perry too lazy to exercise

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Katy Perry, the Firework singer, tells that she depends on Spanx as she is very to exercise. The 28 year old US pop singer told that at times, she wears Spanx so that she can fit into designer dresses as she gets bored with exercising.

While speaking to a leading US magazine, she told that she almost always wear Spanx. Katy runs on the elliptical for around thirty minutes while watching CNN, but still she does not do it quite often.
Katy Perry, who had a fourteen month old marriage with comedian Russell Brand, is now planning to take her new relationship with John Mayer to another level and recently there were rumors that they pair were house hunting in LA.

An insider told that Katy Perry and John Mayer have now decided to take their relationship to another level and they want a place in Los Angeles to share. It is not even a year that Katy and John are dating, but already they have experienced some ups and downs in their few months old relationship.

Most of Katy’s friends have already predicted that she would end in tears. But it seems that the couple has got closer after listening to these negative statements. They split for a short span of time during October, but again they got back together after few weeks.

Another source told that they spend their time at John Mayer’s place –playing music, watching movies and cooking.

Katy Perry’s behind the scene tour clips

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

She is quite popular for her colorful range of themed stage attires. But in a brand new behind the scenes video clip from US east coast leg of California Dreams tour, singer Katy Perry is spotted in some rare non glam guises.
In a scene, the twenty six year old singer is spotted in a black color all in one romper suit along with a star detail.

In yet another scene, Perry is spotted appearing more fresh than usual, and that is also without her bright colored lip stick as she gets ready for her make up and hair done. While looking at herself in a hand mirror, Katy tells “Why do I look about 45 today?” And one of her staff replies that it is because she is dehydrated and drank previous night.

The singing superstar is even spotted asking about some of her revealing attires in the video footage. At one point of time, Katy asks one of her crew member, ‘Can you see my bum in this?’ A male assistance tells, ‘You are probably good.’

Perry also shows her humor questioning whether her ice cream cone is too much. Another clip reveals the singer dancing happily with a giant cat wearing a lilac suit at the backstage. Angela, Katy’s sister, also makes an appearance as Kathy Beth Terry, Katy’s alter ego. Recently, Katy has been revealed as the very first female singer to have 5 number one songs from a single album – Teenage Dream.

Katy Perry sings karaoke

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Katy Perry may be one of the biggest acts of pop music, but she is not free from bad karaoke. The singer of ‘Teenage dream’ did her best imprint of Will Smith when she joined a mate for an offhand performance in Catalina Island.

The dup tried to rap Will’s ‘Welcome’ to Miami, there were not much cheer from the audience at the bar, unlike Katy Perry’s typical stage shows. On a video that has been uploaded on YouTube on Wednesday, Perry went on to the stage at El Galleon with her birth name – Katheryn, before saying the lyrics. The video footage reveals that the ‘Wide awake’ singer were stumbling on the very first line and allowing the rap to hey friend as Katy sings as back-up.

The duo was casually dressed and they shook to the 1998 hit’s beat. Their harmony was slightly off key just like most karaoke runs. The one and a half minute video footage reveals Katy Perry yelling into the microphone: “’I love my best friend!’

Now it seems that the singer is leaving her divorce from Brand behind her. The ex – couple got married in October, 2010 in a typical Hindu marriage ceremony in Rajasthan, India – the same place where Brand Proposed Katy in the year 2009.

The couple decided to split at the end on 2011. Brand’s legal team filed documents at a Los Angeles court in December, 2011 referring ‘irreconcilable differences.’ In February, a judge allowed the divorce. On Monday, the couple put an official end to the 14-month old marriage.

Katy Perry’s Latest Commercial

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Perry fans will soon get the chance to watch their favorite star on television. She is ready to flatter all her fans by her terrific performance in the commercial. The commercial is on computer game “The Sims 3”.
This will be the second Sims 3 add-on to feature Katty Perry.

She was last seen on television endorsing a special collector’s edition of the Showtime pack. Katty Perry’s relationship with Sims 3 is believed to be consistent after the renowned musicians Nelly Furtado and Pixie Lott were called up on board for the game’s first expansion.

This advertisement is released by Electronic Arts and is set to be available on 8th of June for MAC and PC. The commercial is all about the candylicious items that will improve your game experience. This is after a long time that Perry is appearing on television. On asking about how she is feeling, Katy replied that she is excited and nervous at the same time. This add-commercial will portray her in a different way and she is too much confident that audiences will like her new avatar.

She also added that it is always good to do something for television apart from singing and acting. Perry started her career with gospel music and now she is at the top of her career making audiences blander with her compositions and acting. We wish to see her more on television. It was on October 23rd that Perry married to comedian Russel Brand in a traditional Hindu ceremony. After 14 months of marriage, they were separated.