Sad for Good – Music Video [Take That PARODY]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Sad for Good – Music Video [Take That PARODY]”

  1. Vanessa Weir Says:

    You know what’s even better than this video? Watching it with the subtitles

  2. Gimp Shepart Says:

    Thumbs up if your still watching this in 2015!

  3. Lucas Keeton Says:

    “Whoever I killed, whatever I burned I probably meant it”

  4. A Rimarcik Says:

    Is no one questioning this? WHAT THE HELL

  5. Jack Bohemian Says:

    Idk whether to laugh or cry…until I turned subs on!

  6. Timothy C. Says:

    lik dis if u cri evry tim

  7. Kornel Vakulya Says:

    everytime i watch this it makes me want to cry

  8. Adam Bradley Says:

    The live version on the livestream was awesome

  9. ThePegasister Says:

    Can not decide who is the most attractive. The struggle :’)

  10. KaiWolf18 Says:

    Whoever did the subtitles must’ve had fun.

  11. Rick Domhof Says:

    i like this version more than the original

  12. Padraic Smith Says:

    You know Hat Films, you’ve completely an utterly saved a positively crap
    song. The melodramatic style only works when it’s done to take the piss.
    Well played.

  13. Beryllium Gaming Says:

    Turn down to 0.5 it is depressing

  14. Sozzzled Says:

    Trott dancing is the best thing in the entire world.

  15. Eric L Says:

    rip Eric. I miss you. :[

  16. Squiddy Derp Says:

    I always found Ross funnier than the others… my opinion before anybody
    goes crazy :P

  17. Borys Pomianek Says:

    Trott looks like a woman in the thumbnail.

  18. insertnamehereNOW5 Says:

    Turn on subtitles its hilarious 

  19. Michael Paul Says:

    If they don’t make one of these for Chastity I’m unsubing! Then I’ll resub
    cause #horny4hornby #hott4trott #stiff4smiff

  20. GoldenAstroNaught808 Says:

    Been exactly one year since this was made,they’ve come so far in the last

  21. Isaac Chander Says:

    you copy me eeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccccc

  22. infernox1099 Says:

    I love the song captions, i never realised about them until now, and now is
    really late.

  23. Tom Smart Says:

    omg it backs luv these guys been watching since the start of their ftb

  24. HebPlays Says:

    Yep. Hatfilms fan for life now. #hornyforhornby #stiffyforsmiffy

  25. Kathryn Andrade Says:

    This song reminds me of the the time my mom squished my baby chick
    “accidentally” it was so sad..