Perry and John Mayer gets $ 20 million offer

Recently it has been reported that Simon Cowell has offered Us pop singer Katy Perry and his song writer – singer lover John Mayer $ 10 million to be a part of the X Factor US show in a desperate move to keep audience for his show. Katy and John has been dating since July and somehow Simon thinks that their presence would help to show to have more audience.

a close source told that Simon sees them as a magnificent pairing. Katy is honest, sassy and a huge star, whereas John Mayor is more reserved and to have them as rivals would be great idea. If they really signs, that would be an unmissable scene.

Katy briefly appeared as a judge on the show’s UK version in the year 2010, but she rejected an offer to be a part of the show permanently following the departure of Cheryl Cole and Danni Minogue. She told that people have reached out to her about the possibility of being involved in reality shows and she think that it is not right for him right now.

Recently it was reported that Katy and John have their problems and reports suggest that John is findinf it tough to handle Katy Perry. Some have even claimed that Katy is driving John crazy.


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