May J.『Rewind』MUSIC VIDEO / Back To Your Heart feat. Daniel Powter 先行試聴音源

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24 Responses to “May J.『Rewind』MUSIC VIDEO / Back To Your Heart feat. Daniel Powter 先行試聴音源”

  1. Matt Irwin Says:

    Toki is the only!

  2. kentarosk1005 Says:


  3. mount10487 Says:


  4. anchan716 Says:


  5. reinnsennsi Says:


  6. Arina Hinamori Says:

    Beautiful and a good singer too! Perfect May J!!! Luv her!

  7. Richard Chang Says:

    Please read all my comments to you, god you are so blind. Btw, nicely done stalking my profile, and my history to find out that I’m from Taiwan.

  8. Richard Chang Says:

    did you not see my comment “besides you don’t know my family, so saying random things about me… well, just doesn’t make any sense :|”. I can’t believe I have to repeat myself you stupid fuck

  9. downwiththemaster Says:

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  10. Richard Chang Says:

    besides you know nothing about my family… so saying random things about me, well, just doesn’t make any sense :|

  11. Richard Chang Says:

    uh huh, I come from a place once controlled by the japanese

  12. downwiththemaster Says:

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  13. Richard Chang Says:

    and btw, this is my real name. I’m such a weaboo eh?

  14. downwiththemaster Says:

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  15. Richard Chang Says:

    Do you even know the definition of weaboo? If you do please explain how I am one.

  16. downwiththemaster Says:

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  17. Richard Chang Says:

    yea…well FUCK YOU TOO

  18. 茶 一 Says:

    時と永久に合ういい歌だと思います!! 大好きです!!

  19. downwiththemaster Says:

    fuck you

  20. Paul Duong Says:


  21. Paul Duong Says:


  22. superpowerstar64 Says:

    Can anyone link me to Back To Your Heart?

  23. SertnussKoda Says:

    It’s so boring.

  24. Clements Emerson Dewanto Says:

    I LOVE MAY J!!!!!!!!!!!!!