Katy Perry to relive her school days with the Super bowl performance

Katy Perry is riding high with her performance for the Super Bowl Halftime Show at the University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona, being scheduled for the 1st of February, 2015. It is not just the performance that has the singer on cloud nine. In fact it will be a kind of reliving the past memories for Perry as she had been a student of the Paradise Valley Christian Preparatory school form kindergarten till the second grade.

The headmaster of this school, Sheryl Temple, remembers Katy’s charming smile and large eyes during her toddler day, which is also featured in the photo of the yearbook in 1990.

He nostalgically points to the playground of the school where this talented singer played. The headmaster further said that Perry was lively bright and cheerful as a student and during the time she studied in the school, there were very few students in comparison to the present time. He even says that there may be a lot of discussions regarding Perry being a student of the Paradise Valley School, which may be because she had a different last name that time (Hudson), which not many people were aware of.

Katy while talking about her school days mentions about Mrs. Dorothy Dalton, who used to be her teacher in the first grade, who inspired her a lot.  There is no photo of Katy with her favorite teacher as she was ill the day the group photographs were taken. Katy’s performance at NFL’s Super Bowl will not only be a boost to her career but will also prove a memorable one for her as she gets to cherish her childhood memories.

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