Katy Perry sings karaoke

Katy Perry may be one of the biggest acts of pop music, but she is not free from bad karaoke. The singer of ‘Teenage dream’ did her best imprint of Will Smith when she joined a mate for an offhand performance in Catalina Island.

The dup tried to rap Will’s ‘Welcome’ to Miami, there were not much cheer from the audience at the bar, unlike Katy Perry’s typical stage shows. On a video that has been uploaded on YouTube on Wednesday, Perry went on to the stage at El Galleon with her birth name – Katheryn, before saying the lyrics. The video footage reveals that the ‘Wide awake’ singer were stumbling on the very first line and allowing the rap to hey friend as Katy sings as back-up.

The duo was casually dressed and they shook to the 1998 hit’s beat. Their harmony was slightly off key just like most karaoke runs. The one and a half minute video footage reveals Katy Perry yelling into the microphone: “’I love my best friend!’

Now it seems that the singer is leaving her divorce from Brand behind her. The ex – couple got married in October, 2010 in a typical Hindu marriage ceremony in Rajasthan, India – the same place where Brand Proposed Katy in the year 2009.

The couple decided to split at the end on 2011. Brand’s legal team filed documents at a Los Angeles court in December, 2011 referring ‘irreconcilable differences.’ In February, a judge allowed the divorce. On Monday, the couple put an official end to the 14-month old marriage.

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