Katy Perry relishes her ‘Roar’ success

United States pop singer Katy Perry has been hitting the No 1 position across the world with her hit single called Roar, but it appears that the lovesick singer just had one to celebrate and that is to back her boyfriend John Mayer on his return tour.

Recently, the 28 year old star was seen watching her lover from the backstage area at Florida’s Cruzan Ampitheatre in West Palm Beach on Sunday as John performed his hits from his brand new album called Paradise Valley. Earlier in July, Katy was with John’s side when he started the Born and Raised tour, his first since his throat operation. Now it appears that she could not get enough from the 28 year old singer as she stared at John Mayer dreamily.

Even though the pair might appear blissfully happy, yet it was not easy for them to get here in their relationship. The couple had already split two times in their relationship with the last time being in March.

With John, Katy is also celebrating her success with John Mayer. Recently, Katy Perry hinted that her recent track ‘Roar’ was about her and John Mayer’s relationship and its ups and downs. While speaking to a radio, the singer told that Roar is a track he penned as she was a little bit upset. She found herself having a break with his boyfriend, who she loved very much and it really hurt her heart. She added that she told herself that she need to see what is going on with her and make sure she was all good.


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