Katy Perry and John Mayer seen hanging out at West Hollywood

Katy Perry and her on-again-off-again boyfriend John Mayer were reportedly back together once again as they were seen hanging out at West Hollywood nightspot, Ysabel’s cocktail bar. It was just previous month when John Mayer and Katy Perry was reportedly parted ways after they tried their relationship to have another go.

An insider reported to a leading entertainment website that apparently the pair was seen hanging out on 4th April, in West Hollywood at cocktail bar, Ysabe. According to an eyewitness, the couple did not hide their physical attraction to each other from the world. They were supposedly super cozy, holding hands the entire night in the presence of another couple.

Grazia magazine alleged that Katy Perry was out to offer John Mayer a taste of his own medicine after being on constant jealousy while they were together. An insider told that the time when they got together, John promised that things would be different this time, so she agreed to give him another chance, but rumors of his philandering continue. Katy decided that if he is not going to commit fully, neither will she. Her expectation was that if Mayer saw her socializing with other men, he would see what he stands to lose.

There were countless speculations over the reason for the split between Katy and John. It was reported that they were over for good.

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