Justin Timberlake- Summer Love [Music Video]

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25 Responses to “Justin Timberlake- Summer Love [Music Video]”

  1. stevemize1126 Says:

    i know

  2. flakkaJB1 Says:

    Ah Summer Love:(

  3. curlsluvzitalians Says:

    love it <3

  4. chemkouv Says:

    @blogra thanks a lot! 🙂

  5. blogra Says:

    @chemkouv nsync – girlfriend

  6. chemkouv Says:

    from which song is the scene with the cars in the beginning?

  7. HaLeY2397 Says:

    J.T is awwwsommmme!!!!!!!! 😀

  8. polly008 Says:

    looooooooove listening to this during the summer 🙂

  9. 2011BoyBad Says:

    @littlebutteflyonny lisen bitch go fuck justin bieber becouse you are a shit and him too

  10. makiita9 Says:

    i heard this song today again and remembered how good it was

  11. rs77cool Says:

    i think this was the best song of 2009 😀

  12. ThrowMeFromTheSky Says:

    @2011BoyBad Im suprised your comment doesnt have 900 thumbs up

  13. 2011BoyBad Says:

    frumoasa rau melodia (verry good melody) RESPECT FROM ROMANIA and fuck justin bieber

  14. danyfzr78 Says:

    frumoasa melodia beatul e super

  15. danyfzr78 Says:

    frumoasa melodia

  16. vilczech Says:

    Good song, but dont write [Music Video] again. Which asshole? Just write Fan video and fuck it with [Music Video]. Dude

  17. 1dariuz Says:

    ce bine ca mai aude lumea de justin timberlake in romania:X:X:X love you justin pls come in our country…

  18. kamykazee100 Says:

    From ROMANIA:d…this song rocks!!!!

  19. mrlevyyy Says:

    @Bodry1369 and @Bogdinho99 you’r right ROMANIA love this songg……… the best
    😡 😡 😡 😡 😡

  20. Bogdinho99 Says:

    JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is the best…..from Romania

  21. Bodry1369 Says:

    ROMANIA love this song…!!!

  22. tombo820 Says:

    This song is such a blessing. <3 in Christ

  23. stasslice13 Says:

    justin timberlake is god justin timberlake is king of pop justin timberlake is everything actor singer model philanthropist everything good

  24. johnson39828 Says:

    @littlemissmee123 q bostah

  25. littlemissmee123 Says:

    this is just what i needed! some good ol’ JT!!!!! (note the sarcasm)