Justin Timberlake Sexy Back Official Music Video

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32 Responses to “Justin Timberlake Sexy Back Official Music Video”

  1. MissKittycatLove Says:

    @FightingZerk Not as hot as Craig Horner!!!

  2. andrewfang56 Says:

    @73Stargazer i agree

  3. 73Stargazer Says:

    am i the only one who thinks he sounds like a girl through half this song? don’t get me wrong i love the song, i was just a little confused to learn it was a guy singing those parts

  4. msn0810 Says:

    Im bringing sexy back.. LOL jks it never left me

  5. TheBrunetteBarbie11 Says:

    He is so sexy.
    It’s not really just his looks.
    It’s his little bit of cockyness,
    The way he moves,
    The way he dances..
    & The look in his eye.

  6. veda611 Says:

    OMG!! I thought that Justin Timberlake’s part was a girl!! I didn’t know it was him!! THATS WEEIIRD!!!!

  7. LucarioHacker Says:

    Duke Devlins gunna THROW UP!! but it will still be very sexy…somehow…..

  8. germanshepherdchick Says:

    @robotjj0009 okkkk then lol

  9. germanshepherdchick Says:

    @robotjj0009 wowwwwwwww..lol

  10. robotjj0009 Says:

    @germanshepherdchick I saw this on “Rock your body” so i decided to repost it ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. germanshepherdchick Says:

    @robotjj0009 yea its funny but still wtf…lol

  12. robotjj0009 Says:

    @germanshepherdchick fuck u that was funny xD

  13. germanshepherdchick Says:

    @robotjj0009 wtf man

  14. xXxbelievecxXx Says:

    lol this song it made me laugh ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. disneyhollywoodfamou Says:


  16. robotjj0009 Says:

    Im a boy… but I coulda swore my pants were on before i clicked here…

  17. niknatbff Says:

    Adam lambert should sing this song…

  18. CrazyCamera1 Says:

    2 years ago when i typed in JUSTIN on youtube or google, justin timberlake would come up but now its always JUSTIN BIEBER …. what a shame..

  19. mcalum25 Says:

    go tim
    blow it

  20. 222emochik Says:

    haha ;D at the end when they cut of the kiss i was like “OH FUCK!!!!!!!!” xD

  21. ibtreehuggin Says:

    lol are those cow bells? awsome beat.

  22. ThePoisonskull Says:

    10 people cant bring sexy back

  23. jessiminy069 Says:

    this music is soo soo hot but the vid for it was very confuseing

  24. Dd1342 Says:

    Ur the sexy one

  25. Sdf237 Says:

    gess who is bringing sexy back!

  26. Best Pop Music Says:

    Everything you needed to know

  27. Shinoda Fan Says:

    <3 Mike Shinoda

  28. Bride Zilla Says:

    Bridezilla are amazing!

  29. Girlicious Music Says:

    Girlicious = hotter than PCD

  30. Super Pop Says:

    Love Pop Music

  31. James Pugh Says:

    How good was Jamie Pugh on X factor?

  32. theory of flight Says:

    Thats my theory