Justin Timberlake – Not a Bad Thing – Music Video

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Justin Timberlake – Not a Bad Thing – Music Video”

  1. Franco Minghini Says:

    E dire che quando tremi non e’ paura :P

  2. bart gregory Says:

    Btw, the young girl in this vid looks pretty, but a bit young to be
    behaving/posing in such a coquettish way….can’t be much older than
    14….ok maybe 16!!

  3. Emily L Says:

    I like the song- and yes this girl is very pretty, but i think that this
    video is incredibly sexist. This video isnt about a love story, its
    glorifying lust and gives the impression that he only wants this girl
    because shes pretty. Why is it that men can dress however, or be doing
    anything in music videos while girls are only suppose to dress like sluts
    and be sexy? Like honestly, if that is the only thing that matters when
    youre a woman (sexiness) than life as a woman would suck. No wonder so many
    girls have eating disorders, and poor body image. We almost never see
    regular women being themselves. Okay, there thats my rant.

  4. maddie bear Says:

    i love this song soo much <3 

  5. Trent Mallinson Says:

    Really likeing this song! Video is right on to!

  6. Terry Sham Says:

    Some people were just created absolutely gorgeous. Hopefully she is not
    ugly on the inside as many are.

  7. Sha K Says:

    This video doesn’t not go with the song its stupid. The song is about two
    people who fall in love. Justin where’s you and Jessica? Come on you can do
    better video!

  8. AnyoneOtherThanMe Says:

    Great song, but the video sucks!

  9. Pablo Hsu Says:

    is this another version of the video for the song?

  10. Tina o Says:

    just love u justin.

  11. Nima Sharifai Says:

    what a terrible music video

  12. scc1408 Says:

    what a ugly vid. The song is so beautiful , talking about love , the melody
    is so nice and soft and then; a vid. with a teen girl in her underwear?!!!.
    Terrible choice, Justin. 

  13. btp248 Says:

    This has got to be the dumbest video..I’m sorry but really? Most videos at
    least try to tell a story.I guess this story was “Girl in underwear plays
    with kitten, models alone in a room, models alone in grocery store.” SMH
    women deserve better representation that this. 

  14. GISLAIN WAHA Says:

    best song

  15. Anthony Bonilla Says:

    love this song

  16. Daniel Jurado Says:

    She swears she cute. .

  17. Angelo De Guzman Says:

    A thousand likes for this song..

  18. david tiani Says:

    WOW… FAKE VIDEO Alert!!!!!! wasted time where the hell was

  19. tyasia davis Says:

    dis da song

  20. Indu Davit Says:

    The song is fabulous but this video was a waste of my time. Justin’s
    lawyers need to get a hold of this and put a cease and desist order out
    now. Lame video. 

  21. w31323562 Says:

    This is actually a great song they play through mainstream music.

  22. Tanisq Says:

    That Lipstick though!

  23. Randomvideos250 Says:

    How does this video get so many likes, this doesn’t go with the song AT
    ALL. It was supposed to be a video about a proposal on a train not
    promoting a girl’s looks. Atleast it’s not the official video….

  24. Manjeet Thakur Says:

    awesome song! i love this song.

  25. romariol12 Says:

    You guys realize this isn’t the actual music video right lol