Justin Timberlake – Not A Bad Thing (Live on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)

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25 Responses to “Justin Timberlake – Not A Bad Thing (Live on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)”

  1. Robin Macayettey Says:

    Have a Wonderful Saturday Night G+ friends! I love this song it speaks to
    my heart in such a way….Good night:)))

  2. Ang Rza Says:

    not a bad thing is good but it should be explicit, he says the f-word a

  3. ja24 Says:

    The guy playing the synth bass is nasty, and I mean that in the best way

  4. Heather Herrmann Says:

    New members, post some music for +Maggie S and I. We LOVVVVE music! So
    Maggie, I have to post one of our favorites for now…. Sol Republic
    headphones on and JAMMING out to JT!


    It looks like he’s lip-syncing to me.. 

  6. bman342a Says:

    And he’s sooooo good on the guitar. One of the most overrated artists. 

  7. Tristen Winn Says:

    He is so amazing, music would not be the same without JT

  8. illdisposedme Says:


  9. dewi nilamsari sanyoto Says:

    mas justin you are too cute to fill my 1st fasting day

  10. ASOS Says:

    You’d better get learning the lyrics cos you could be heading to a +Justin
    Timberlake gig! Wanna enter? Get involved and have an #EpicSummer:

  11. Zeca Marinho Says:

    Isso sim e musica de qualidade!

  12. KeanuღFanatic Says:

    i can’t get enough of this song!

  13. Alex Man Says:

    The first time I ever heard your name, I thought ‘oh, god, I bet he’ll be
    like Justin Bieber. But I doubt what I said now! That was good! You are 10
    times better than Justin Bieber! 

  14. Jordan Slezak Says:

    I can be that guy… *Actually I am that guy*, for over ten years to my
    lady. +Hoa Slezak 

  15. Rangga Ibiza Says:


  16. Nikia Delaney Says:

    Love this song.

  17. JesMarie Jones Says:

    I know that’s exactly right JT. Its not a bad thing to fall in love with
    you because I have been for years.

  18. Mark Stodulkiewicz Says:

    I don’t get it. Is he singing country now or something?

  19. Irene Maria Borkowski Andrade Says:
  20. Alain Bruno Says:

    JT sounds great live. He is the best!!!

  21. Jacqueline Villarreal Says:


  22. CrowSenji90 Says:

    Lol he is not really playing the guitar right?

  23. Mikey Lee Says:

    This performance was dope

  24. Nancy Wood Says:

    Justin …I keep reading BS about you & “Justin Biebers Mom” (Zenya
    Cassandra Bashford) and YIKES. RUN. Jessica is GQ material…I’d NEVER buy
    Zenya’s solo music…I doubt anyone would. Please CONSIDER the magazines a
    WARNING. That ugly old bag is NO Jessica

  25. Rachel Estella Garcia Says:

    Love this song.