justin timberlake-my love official music video

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31 Responses to “justin timberlake-my love official music video”

  1. banita727 Says:

    yeahh i know i hate that as well

  2. UNDEROATH527 Says:

    the band We Came as Romans did a cover of this song and its 100x better than this 😀 check it out

  3. hartjesr Says:

    @Cxiibitch I miss those days.

  4. MsFrancolover Says:

    omg cute cute cute song! i cant get enough of it:) i fucking love J.T

  5. lieza99 Says:

    is it just me that the video isnt good..i could hardly see it??

  6. undieundie Says:

    @XxmeowxXish fucking idiot

  7. anastu Says:

    @TheStickman482 You know whats gayer? Seeing fucktarded brain dead YouTube comments commenting about Justin Bieber. You’re the cancer killing YouTube. Do us a favor and cancel your internet service.

  8. AlwaysLovingHim28 Says:

    i like the we came as romans cover way better then this shit! at least Kyle can keep a freaking tune when he sings <3

  9. Cxiibitch Says:

    i remeber when on youtube i cud type in justin and it wud be timberlake not bieber

  10. ahilton15 Says:

    hah i love this song!! i luv the dance part when they say “toes in the sand!!”

  11. giangtm902 Says:

    @TheStickman482 69 people like this, chill as fuk

  12. ShakeYouDown738 Says:

    Any woman who even gets to be near Justin Timberlake, let alone dance with him is so flipping lucky.

  13. XxmeowxXish Says:

    @TheStickman482 Justin Timberlake sounds more like a girl than Justin Bieber

  14. 1899mare Says:

    i hear Justine Biber is a lesbian

  15. MusicoRoxo Says:

    My dad bought me this CD, ’cause I would go on the computer and listen to it about every frickin’ second. And he thought it was annoying so he just boguht me the CD lol.

  16. lexieloo1326 Says:

    i love his vocals 🙂

  17. titties0pussy Says:

    hell yae this is the SHIT BITCH!!! 🙂 except the video that shit suck bitch

  18. titties0pussy Says:

    hell yae this is the SHIT BITCH!!! 🙂

  19. 3thaniel Says:

    Good song, the music video is kind of dumb though.

  20. abbyNmuzic Says:

    dis my boy rite hur!!!

  21. TheStickman482 Says:

    @animeguy10000000 thats t.i. man

  22. drrober Says:

    WHY can’t I find this song from when he performed it on SNL? That was the moment that I realized how much talent this man has. Now I can’t get enough of him!

  23. AceBulletProductionz Says:

    @animeguy10000000 timbaland

  24. 80sSexKitten Says:

    I dont know what it is about Justin Timberlake, but there is something super sexy about him… some of his songs & lyrics just oozes sex. And of course the way he moves… 😉

  25. Vegatifa Says:

    Bleh. Influence on WoW…ha… lame. Like JT but this… -_-

  26. Pop Music Says:

    Gotta love Pop Music

  27. Bridezilla Says:

    Bridezilla are amazing!

  28. Get girlicious Says:

    Girlicious = hotter than PCD

  29. Super Pop Music Says:

    Time for the pop

  30. JamiePugh Says:

    Time for Jamie Pugh to sing it

  31. Flight music Says:

    Lol – thats just the way it goes