Justin Timberlake – Lovestoned (DJ Tiesto Remix) Ewien Music Video

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25 Responses to “Justin Timberlake – Lovestoned (DJ Tiesto Remix) Ewien Music Video”

  1. Mouâd Es-safi Says:


  2. Simon Altmann Says:

    BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!!! Jiha!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. m4lwElrohir Says:


  4. Tyler Barry Says:


  5. anna05041978 Says:

    absolut geil!!!! 🙂 YEA!!!!

  6. Alexandru Mihai Says:

    fffuuu! TIESTO!

  7. dojOdRiFTeR Says:

    tiesto last great song before he did all the gay new three 5 mafia queer

  8. clarencep90 Says:

    It gives me chills

  9. Geraldo Galan Says:

    All the tiesto haters are funny lol he needs a rest quit riding his dick

  10. JFSKruz Says:

    Die 23 Dislikes sind meine Nachbarn die gute Musik nicht laut hören wollen

  11. satandik007 Says:

    nemá chybu … prostě geniální, jednoduše Tiesto:)

  12. TheVoody2007 Says:

    Das Lied ist der Hammer !! Der Anfang ist einfach genial

  13. David Lahusen Says:

    David Guetta & Afrojack – Pandemonium

  14. angel martinez Says:

    d-.-b ↑♫♪↑

  15. TeamMinajGaia Says:

    WOW, never heard this!!

  16. zarzycki414 Says:

    I hear it last night, my first think was new song but is 4years old damn is

  17. ozjoey80 Says:

    Awesome song!! Shes got me lovestoned Tiesto style!!

  18. FistOfZen100 Says:

    die 23 wo das nicht mögen haben keine eier ^^ x’D

  19. LoveCouldBe Says:

    awesome, i listen to it every day 🙂 better than the original song 😀

  20. NicoSapeto Says:

    hundred percent pure, old fashioned TIESTO

  21. Damaged486 Says:

    der track ist nur gut wegen justen;) cooler typ

  22. electr0venik Says:

    that rocks!

  23. Damn Good Says:

    Tiesto should remix other Justin T music also 🙂

  24. Rafael Soares Says:

    nice remix and nice video 🙂

  25. Deyvison jr Says:

    Essa music é muito boa ____d-_-b