Justin Timberlake – Like I Love You

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33 Responses to “Justin Timberlake – Like I Love You”

  1. Nand3291Adn38 Says:

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  2. burnsonpaper Says:

    This is sexy. Oh My God.

  3. disneydiva4 Says:

    thumbs up if your listening to this in 2011 <3

  4. sunshinee321 Says:

    Justin is soooo cute. ((:

  5. SuperBirdBrains Says:

    Damn i wish people danced more like that :/ im sick of all this stupid stuff commin out.

  6. 014arika Says:

    I like how he’s wearing a 7-Eleven Shirt at 7-Eleven. Nice Justin (:

  7. MissInmate Says:

    Justin is a cutie.

  8. Cerandubois Says:

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  9. holly88ize Says:

    fuck good memories of being 13…. XD

  10. livebetter2 Says:


  11. MrJfam1 Says:

    type in “syllables response” the kid is killing it!!!!

  12. 7HeartThrob7 Says:

    Justin Bieber’s Baby Baby Justin Timberlake’s Like i Luv You Same To Same Video Just Like Copy Paste…

  13. PotentialGrows Says:

    NO! to HATE!…YES! to UNIVERSAL LOVE because of our ONENESS even with all OUR DIFFERENCES.
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  14. oguzhan093 Says:

    ason derulo in my head copied the clip

  15. themrmezbah Says:

    I SEE K-FED!!

  16. giorgos235 Says:

    Justin Bieber IS GOD

  17. RoyalCaoCao Says:

    Justin Bieber isn’t even a shit compared to Justin Timberlake. JB should go for a name change.

  18. TheBraveangel23 Says:

    @jdawgliu Haha, Ikr?!? He kinda looks like a choking pigeon. But i still love him 🙂

  19. jdawgliu Says:

    0:20, white man can’t dance. lolll

  20. lalatitiana Says:

    His only made 2 album..wow what if he made as many as these other artist today, there wouldn’t be room for anyone

  21. sistagirl488deleted Says:

    i love pharrell’s HEY! @1:58

  22. shanelleevelynainsco Says:

    nothing like a good eye fucking at the begining of a music video! leave it up to JT <3

  23. Andybato Says:

    @Paularosende I think what would be more interesting is if you sing, create your own songs, and dance ;D

  24. CirQueFreaK78 Says:

    i died in the beginning:)

  25. 92badblood Says:

    i really like justified more just because of pharrell and neptunes

  26. It's ok Says:

    Its ok, I’m with the band 🙂

  27. A Gunn Music Says:

    Great stuff!

  28. Madonna Music Says:

    I am in love with Madonna

  29. Ashley Tisdale Says:

    Ashley Tisdale FTW

  30. Gaga Fansite Says:

    <3 Lady Gaga

  31. No1 Music Says:

    Its time to win the number 1

  32. My Kindom Music Says:

    I love my music

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