Justin Timberlake “Kind of Girl” (official music video) ( new song 2010) + Download

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25 Responses to “Justin Timberlake “Kind of Girl” (official music video) ( new song 2010) + Download”

  1. tHEcRAZYfAN33 Says:

    i don’t care if this song is from 2000 or 2010… justin is really hot in this video =)))

  2. liigajee Says:

    you bastard, now I’m sad… this isn’t something new

  3. EvaCharlotteMorgaz Says:

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  4. Kiki3931 Says:

    ummmm this is hellllllla old! look at his style! looks from 2001!

  5. TVE03 Says:

    This song features 2 very talented singers. does it really matter whos album it came from?

  6. Goluckymusic4life Says:

    . Well done this song is very old, I think it came out in 2001. It’s off the Superhero album(Brian Mcknight)
    Give the uploader some credit though he took time to remove the second verse sung by Brian Mcknight perfectly.

  7. SoulessPassion Says:

    IF this was a new song, I would be so happy to see some good music being put out there.. But, sadly, all we get is crap like “It’s Mr. Steal yo guuurrrll!” -tear-

  8. nsyncteen Says:

    yup…it’s an oldie, but a goodie. Wonder if N*SYNC will ever have a reunion tour. Keep waiting for it…lol!

  9. tmosley87 Says:

    oh yes this is very much old! this song came out whn justin was still with nsync! lol

  10. Doya89 Says:

    Oh my god I’m so confused! How is this a new song? Justin Timberlake didn’t release any new albums since 2006 so what album is this from? And why does it sound like the kind of music he did with NSYNC? someone explain!!

  11. spiritsparkler67218 Says:

    its called My Kind of Girl by Brian McKnight ft. Justin Timberlake which was 8 years ago

  12. minasz Says:

    Is he coming out with this song..

  13. Iluvjuicytomatoes Says:

    uh…this is definitely before Justified….this is way too corny to be JT in 2010….lol.

  14. devon593 Says:

    yes it is not from 2010 i got it since last 2009

  15. devon593 Says:


  16. dopwdfa Says:

    watch this video 😀

  17. kohkohbby08 Says:

    hes hot but this song reminds me of early 2000’s

  18. maroulicougar Says:


  19. DusKelPatNCarzErica Says:

    Who cares, who’s singing….and who’s song it is….let’s focus on how AWESOME Justin looks….lmao. Never seen this before, thanks for uploading anyway.

  20. ItsBennettYo Says:

    @KillaCali12041989 Lmaoooo

  21. KillaCali12041989 Says:

    tell your bro i said wassssup then!! lol

  22. mizsuki Says:

    this is way old

  23. 13moniqueee Says:


  24. MandyTheCheerleader Says:

    Your brother must be HOT then

  25. ItsBennettYo Says:

    lmfaooo he looks exactly likee my brotherrr. LOL !