Justin Timberlake – I’m Lovin’ It

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34 Responses to “Justin Timberlake – I’m Lovin’ It”

  1. SwagXaThousand Says:

    hey if you like cute girls check out this one cute girls channel, crazyglassss <--- doo it! Thanks C:

  2. cast4way Says:

    best part from 2:02 to 2:36 anyone agree with me?

  3. 0danceallisondance0 Says:

    i counted like 2 McDonald’s arcs in the backround of the music video. lol.

    btw, how i would kill to be that girl on 2:13 ! she gets to jam with Justin Timberlake! lmao.

  4. StefiWorld Says:

    Great… Now I’m hungry

  5. kissulici4u Says:

    @Tameeka0709 mcdonalds ruined my stomach 🙂

  6. almaosborn355 Says:

    holla at ur bigAs$ Girl!! – 21-F – MorganDavidson6853 – Y! msgr

  7. heh105 Says:

    is this where they got the mcdonalds catch pharse from

  8. TheTdogg313 Says:

    yo get that girl ova 2 my place so we can fuck

  9. karukehataha Says:

    @jrkin lol 😀

  10. ZombieTeen666 Says:

    @chloe1496 yeah he made this first, then they used the logo

  11. chloe1496 Says:

    was this before the mcdonalds comercial?

  12. booboway417 Says:

    thunbs up if mcdonalds brought you here lol

  13. thisisforyou56 Says:

    wow he’s freakin hot!!!

  14. dotaiskewl Says:

    Did McDOnald use the phrase first or him???

  15. nellie2581 Says:

    Back in the day, song used for MCDonald’s

  16. MyBlueprincess Says:

    @weirdopeople75 shit me neither man i would turn around n be like hey baby you aint gotta stalk me here ..heres my # call me anytime XD LMAO

  17. farmerdavedaviestips Says:

    i only hate this song because of mcdonles

  18. DancingEroticee Says:

    All I know is that I love music and that I love dancing to music. That is why I uploaded me dancing to some of my favorites on my channel

  19. weirdopeople75 Says:

    if Justin Timberlake was stalking you in the street, why would you walk away? I know I wouldn’t! <3

  20. missXspencer1 Says:

    she a model?? SO FUCKIN HOTT!!

  21. binxy63 Says:

    she got no womanly curves or booty and thighs…..not sexy 🙁

  22. MadamDum Says:

    @Tameeka0709 Big Macs!

  23. covahxc Says:

    no girl with a iron maiden shirt would like to hang out with a guy like justin timberlake

  24. hahagrime Says:

    @Lukeyyy1995 didn’t he do this song for mcdonalds

  25. jrkin Says:

    look at that girls physical structure O_o way to skinny

  26. Bieber Fans Says:

    I love Jsutin Bieber

  27. Britney fans Says:

    Britney needs our help!

  28. Ultra Cat Music Says:

    Beer and music = win

  29. ShaggyMusic Says:

    I love Shaggy

  30. Jokerz Comedy Says:

    Thats so funny!

  31. Songs to sing Says:

    About time you learnt to sing!

  32. Flawless Music Says:

    Get the DJ fired

  33. FIbonacci Classical Says:

    Its time to get.. classical!

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