Justin Timberlake- Future Sex Love Sounds [Music Video]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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29 Responses to “Justin Timberlake- Future Sex Love Sounds [Music Video]”

  1. Dcube7 Says:

    Damn that boy fine

  2. calimamita Says:

    love the editing you guys did….very tight continuity…..

  3. mickeyrocks4ever Says:

    Grinding baby! This is the best song for that.

  4. misterhotcat Says:

    My cat loves grooving to the beat of this song in the car, check out his video on my page!! So CUTE!!

  5. babybop728 Says:

    If I were to ever become a stripper, I would dance to this song.

  6. 2010peachy Says:

    @BLDmadboy23 hes a sexy motherfucker omg and his swagger is way filithy!!!!

  7. nintendogfreak171 Says:

    i <3 jt (hate jb)

  8. BLDmadboy23 Says:

    my fricking idol love him and everything about him his style his music his swagger the definition of a Legend JT number 1 Fan

  9. illybillyilly Says:

    this song is… wow!

  10. mmjc14 Says:

    Love the video and the song =P

  11. realthug101 Says:

    Timbaland did his thing on this album

  12. 44pancake Says:

    this isnt even the real video….all the clips are from his other music videos

  13. anaihr Says:

    @maggiette The comment was posted a year ago 😉

  14. stelladelmonte Says:

    @jmia12 : can you believe????the same thing is for me ….:)

  15. sugarbabie101 Says:

    Her body’s pressed up on me, I think she’s ready to blow!! haha… You get em J.T. =p

  16. krisg5ax8 Says:

    worst songg

  17. maggiette Says:


    wouldn’t that make him 29?

  18. jmia12 Says:

    i love when he whispers in his songs. its sexyyyyyy <3

  19. TheWeffv Says:

    An eternity pass , since , i’m waiting for a Justin Timberlake album . When , the new album ?

  20. EleonoraGueli Says:

    this video is amazing

  21. Minnokidd2 Says:

    he’s 28 people.

  22. slopez67 Says:

    Sexy man and sexy song.

  23. SakuraPetals106 Says:

    Really nice video. Good job!

  24. jesal21 Says:

    This is my new gym tune.

  25. therandomnessrox99 Says:

    I hope he comes out with something new soon hopefully it will be good as this 😀

  26. P Jones Says:

    Isn’t that funny… not

  27. Digital Music Says:

    I love digital music

  28. Good Guy Musica Says:

    Music is my life

  29. Celeb News Says:

    One of my favourite celes ever!