Justin Timberlake ft. Jay-Z – Suit & Tie (Official Music Video)

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “Justin Timberlake ft. Jay-Z – Suit & Tie (Official Music Video)”

  1. sharmanitish1able Says:

    She got aint no moves…
    But shes HAWWT … YUM YUM

  2. kevin phetrasi Says:

    Lol emma ur just that usual annoying fat cock block bitch and ur just jelly hahaha

  3. SSairsofter Says:

    trying to do my homework but dam man there’s just something about this video

  4. mrmctommy Says:

    lol you jealous fatty

  5. 4lv1nt4n Says:

    How can anyone thumbs down this video..

  6. emma guerrero Says:

    one word….SLUT!!!!!

  7. Daniel Moran Says:

    This isn’t the real video this is just her official music video the real one hasnt been made yet

  8. Zak Krassin Says:

    LOL this is not the actual official video. It has not been released yet.

  9. Youness Oxyntas Says:

    xcxsvdfgbfbgfhngh blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa asldks shit i lost my words

  10. piggyboy67 Says:

    I have to admit I’m a bit displeased. I love a pretty lady in a video but if I wanted to see a stripper I’d go to the local gentleman’s club. I was hoping for a really great Justin Timberlake so-glad-you’re-back video. I did NOT see that here. 🙁

  11. Veneamen Says:

    Dat ass

  12. anil cakmak Says:

    you so sexy

  13. Scotlandboi79 Says:

    Are you serious?

  14. michaeljacksonator Says:

    the polar opposite of charismatic but god shes hot

  15. Dan Staz Says:

    show me a fewwwwwww things!!!

  16. mark paul Says:


  17. Shioban Gorrell Says:

    this bitch is worthless and so is the person who taped her…smh….smfh

  18. Shioban Gorrell Says:

    you suck and so does this video…ummm i use to love this song before i saw this. and like a fool i watched the entire video. I know a crackhead that would of did a whole lot better taking a shit on a toilet seat…

  19. MapleSnips24 Says:

    @jwxgsaq awesome i agree ofcourse. but listen Its absolutely without spending any money i got a NFL jersery bit.ly/14Vfh7K?=arfgid

  20. Andrey Rukavitsyn Says:

    ohhh.. now this song is my favorite too as u ;]

  21. Robin Acevedo Says:

    Wow she is hottttttttttttt 😛 Yummy

  22. BobFromFukataney Says:


  23. bulle74 Says:

    en france on dit Salope!

  24. animefreak619 Says:

    beats melanie iglesias flipbooks. This is sexy.