James Morrison – Up ft. Jessie J

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24 Responses to “James Morrison – Up ft. Jessie J”

  1. Karla Scott Says:


  2. Thanos Mi Says:

    Jessie&James ! Team Rocket ! (Jessie’s biggest Greek heartbeat !)

  3. 22rasm Says:

    Have hard time believing that this is Jessie’s voice. It doesn’t sound like her at all (which can be a good thing too).

  4. patryska11 Says:

    I can’t believe that Jessie J is an illuminati. And i didn’t until i saw this video and triangle on her dress. LOL

  5. delilahusna Says:

    And my love towards you fi hisham will remain silence

  6. ames osorio Says:

    i want to sing with jessie j 🙂

  7. Oto Chighladze Says:

    hahhhaa,,Because of her PERFECTION?? … You are droll….

  8. Douae Deraoui Says:

    Jessie J illuminati !! 🙁 😮

  9. KN PandaHunter Says:

    the only way is up !!
    *walking down the stairs*
    up !
    *still walking down the stairs*
    up !
    *still walking*

  10. Darkroth Damnation Says:

    Jessie & James, LOL!

  11. Shonny King Says:

    Great video. I found myself so mystified looking at my friend move from being a loser to a ladies man. He began attracting girls overnight. I found myself amazed. He pretended he failed to realize. He then explained it to me while he was drunk. He said he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you’ll find it… He is on a date now with a stunning girl… Lucky fucker!

  12. GriNga Briesmaster Says:

    their voices sound great together, they should make music together more often

  13. Riley Tamper Says:

    hey;) I’m a singer/songwriter trying to get my music out there. Just me and my guitar, all natural..would mean a lot to me if you listened to my songs on my channel ’cause it is hard to get originals to be heard..thx :))

  14. Rebecca lee Says:


  15. Marios Tsota Says:

    and I’m not calling jessie j an ignorant person, im calling the guy that told us to keep listening.

  16. Marios Tsota Says:

    obviously you dont even know what the illuminati are.1st You can’t say ”illuminatis” cuz it is a latin word.And second, where did you hear that she works for them?

  17. jessica C. Says:


  18. CarDoseS Says:

    One of my favourite songs

  19. lmirk96 Says:


  20. maleiksd Says:

    oohh true! the song is amazing Hey you can use this to get this track on your ipod => bit.ly/118paiD?=ixhmj

  21. firew0rks4eva Says:

    Not even words can say how amazing and tru this song is. I love James morrison’s voice. =P

  22. jessica freitas Says:

    Jessica Cornish ♥

  23. TheWhitelighter19 Says:

    Jessie J sounds incredible! I wish her songs were more like this.

  24. camille thee Says:

    just thinking the same thing 🙂