James Morrison – Slave To The Music

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22 Responses to “James Morrison – Slave To The Music”

  1. Juan Manuel Martinez Says:

    Me encanta esta cancion ….

  2. balilove189 Says:

    don’t you know who Liam Payne is? :O

  3. balilove189 Says:

    Liam Paynes ex-girlfriend

  4. balilove189 Says:

    it was Liam Paynes girlfriend

  5. Lavarainbow Says:

    This is an AMAZING song why is there only one million views O___O

  6. Lavarainbow Says:

    im here fr the music ^__^ who’s danielle? O__O

  7. xSofii Says:

    Beautiful Dani 🙂

  8. likeLOL321 Says:

    Who’s Danielle?

  9. SuperGiantpineapple Says:

    Danielle? No no I’m here for JAMES MORRISON!!!!!

  10. NestumSOha1 Says:

    Hey YOUTUBE guys, theres something very wrong here: how come this song only have 1 270 000 views???? please fix the counter!!!!!!

  11. Sissi boubou Says:

    J’aime le tempo ! Renversant !

  12. rvrcvtarr Says:


  13. vanessacuentasmusic Says:

    Chris Martin’s lost brother 😀

  14. Dag vlinder Says:

    Perfect music, perfect lyrics … this song is such an evergreen !!! WOOOAAAAHHH … gotto listen to this song every single day…. I know….. It’s complicated!!!

  15. hellinabun Says:

    you’re beautiful.

  16. thanakornchn Says:

    I like his voice so much. 🙂

  17. Rick De Feber Says:

    I like this song so much eh not normal! xD

  18. dancesingdance Says:

    I cam where because I adore james, i had no bloody clue danielle was on here! bonus!

  19. reka9201 Says:

    James Morrison should be much more appreciated than Nicki Minaj and the others who do not know what the term ‘music’ means.

  20. Emmaaa1205 Says:

    It’s Liam Payne’s Girlfriends !

  21. lauraazuly Says:

    James in blue WOW, amazing colors, his voice i´m speechless, great song and beat but I dont like the dancers or choreography in this video!!!, i hate this “dance” why put that crap? !!!! i´m sure there are better ideas.

  22. 1martinking1 Says:

    I want only sing like that… 🙂