James Morrison – Slave to the music (live@ Itunes Festival 30-07-2011)

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25 Responses to “James Morrison – Slave to the music (live@ Itunes Festival 30-07-2011)”

  1. Samson Leung Says:

    yes i am~

  2. Michael Dube Says:

    A cup o’ black coffee & a little live James Morrison this morning…

  3. Michiel Lochtenbergh Says:

    Absolutely stunnin’…

  4. Sybille Hubig Says:


  5. Stef Mad Says:

    …Hey friends !!! … We are slave 2 the Music …. ABSOLUTELY …. U’re
    gonna lose control …. a bit of Terence Trent d’Arby in his voice …
    isn’t it ?????

  6. Zaklina Cvijetinovic Says:

    Odlična! 😀

  7. WhizzleSizzle Says:

    Damn! James looks like an inbetween of… Bruce Springsteen and Chris

  8. MissyPinkPearl Says:

    I love this song!

  9. Crazycupmuffin Says:

    lol thats what ive always thought 🙂 wish he would bring out a dvd

  10. TheTwistedKIM Says:

    GREAT Song… (Ohh, and the female singers are HOT, and they can SING…how
    sweet is that) Waiting for the album…..just waiting……waiting!

  11. elizab2706 Says:

    new video for this song is already available but only in France (RTL2.) ;(

  12. schuringer Says:

    why sunglasses in the rain and at night?

  13. sparklyAli Says:

    I wanna go and see him again already!!! His voice is magic!! 🙂 x

  14. sjieketuper Says:

    LOVE IT!

  15. JB22393 Says:

    This is officially my personnal anthem. I’m such a slave

  16. S Vos Says:

    hell this is good! <3

  17. shakti lin Says:

    Very very good i love his music

  18. marianaya18 Says:

    Damn I would be his slave!!

  19. kidobaby16 Says:

    damn perfect

  20. Chommy Says:

    I’m a slave to his music

  21. SirWhoMusic Says:

    WHAT A F–KING SONG!!!! I hope this album gets the credit it should!!!!!!!!

  22. seeeda14 Says:

    very-very-very talanted boy…like him..!!!!!!!!klasssssssss

  23. Hil Harrison Says:

    super!!!!!! James is brilliant! Looks a bit like a young Springsteen
    facially in some shots <3

  24. CroweDharma Says:

    Just love 2:22 !

  25. Seb Ren Says:

    Thumb up if you can’t stop listening