James Morrison Save Yourself MUSIC VIDEO

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25 Responses to “James Morrison Save Yourself MUSIC VIDEO”

  1. Guille Piano Says:

    Brighton! :D

  2. chutneycrumble Says:

    thats my boat

  3. jorgeescobarm Says:

    me encanta muy buenoo… 🙂

  4. Paman Gie Says:

    Buat Cowok Yang Pengen Putus Sama Pacarnya..
    Nyanyiin Aja Lagu Ini, Dijamin Pasti Langsung Putus,.. Haha.

    “Oh, and if you stay with me, honestly it’s what I want
    But if you stay with me I know I’ll hurt you more..”

    “So won’t you save, save yourself
    By leaving me now for someone else?”

  5. ScribbleShot Says:

    loveeeeeee it! 

  6. Athena De Silva Says:

    dang! i feel like he’s serenading me.. <3

  7. brandylovestomatoes3 Says:

    Thank you for posting this, I adore this song! <3

  8. kandyeyes17 Says:

    Best song ever, Love him!

  9. Tosin Peter O Says:

    this cant be the video, its just repeats of a few shots i swear…

  10. Surishta Says:

    God i wish I get the chance to attend one of his concert live one day!!!

  11. 7788rinpe Says:

    His voice gives me chills …. makes me dream *_*

  12. ja2zz6 Says:

    Lol he makes weird faces

  13. JimJamJuMV Says:

    amazing video, mostly because hes on a boat and the fact that it’s live and acoustic.

  14. jamesmorrisoncrazy Says:

    James Morrison does not have facebook,
    trust me i would know,

  15. aer0089 Says:

    I love this song. Well, the other version…it’s just such a pity he looks the way he does. His Album cover’s ace though.

  16. chicklovesgoose Says:

    he is so hot. and I love this song! ♥♥

  17. Rachel Smith Says:

    no its not coz how come in 1 of them im in a pic with him !

  18. Rachel Smith Says:

    i luv james morrison i have his facebook so ha to all u 🙂 jokin ur all really nice lol but i do hav his facebook 🙂 x

  19. DaGuitarist91 Says:

    if you stay with me , honestly , that’s wad i want ,
    but if you stay with me, i knw i’ll hurt you more
    so wont you save , save yourself , by leaving me now , with someone else …

  20. xLiverpoolMadx Says:

    🙂 james, you make a bad day turn good 🙂

  21. Michelluhtje Says:

    This music vidio has taken in Holland, Scheveningen I think. It really looks like =)

    Love is music !

  22. marksara000 Says:

    Wgat a fella Cornish too!!

  23. 3catseye3 Says:

    Poor bloke. He has no self value/Love. He’s definately got a complex about his other half leaving him. If she has done, doe’s he ever question WHY? He should never let her go. If she is with someone else and he knows he’s the one, he should tell her so! None of the shit talk of hurting her, he knows he won’t. Love Protects. They need to find each other, not just one halfs effort. But both. Stuff everything else, God will protect that. Focus on self love and True Other Heart Love. 🙂

  24. LoisDUDETTE Says:

    Haha :”D

    I’ll never have see this
    but i like it 8D

  25. pinklellyx Says:

    Love His Voice, Love His Music, Love His Laid Back Image, Love His Hair, Love His Clothes, I LOVE HIM xxxx 🙂 xxxx