James Morrison – Man Behind The Music Ep2

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25 Responses to “James Morrison – Man Behind The Music Ep2”

  1. reignTMGdrugsfree Says:

    @iKristinRMD yeah! just like you 😀

  2. iKristinRMD Says:

    @reignTMGdrugsfree crazy! 😀

  3. tortilladepatatass Says:

    @jadebeautifulsuicide SPIT 😉

  4. dashing502 Says:

    @tortilladepatatass lol

  5. jadebeautifulsuicide Says:

    @tortilladepatatass what is wrong with his mouth?O.o

  6. reignTMGdrugsfree Says:

    @iKristinRMD we Asian also drive from that same side and our steering is on right side. 😀

  7. pogo1366 Says:

    @tortilladepatatass spit

  8. iKristinRMD Says:

    haha. you brits drive on the wrong side of the road! 😀


    i will see u in concert oneday! me and my friend want to travel there and see u and robbie williams in concert

  10. tortilladepatatass Says:

    @hafiz0ff “Person I Should Have Been” from The Awakening

  11. tortilladepatatass Says:

    1:05 LOOK AT HIS MOUTH!!

  12. hafiz0ff Says:

    what song did he played at the pub?

  13. 99Flory99 Says:

    I just loove his yummy raspy voice 🙂

  14. 1gws47 Says:

    it’s good to see him happy

  15. RajaAfiq94 Says:

    Hey guys, mind checking out my cover of James Morrison’s If You Don’t Wanna Love Me please ? I’d appreciate it so much! It’s on my page 😀

  16. younglegendarywarrio Says:

    Try to like my comment while you holding button Shift.. 😀

  17. chrimes49 Says:

    Love James – thanks for amazing gig in Zurich last week… see you again in march 12…

  18. Isamenendez25 Says:


  19. lin90210 Says:

    amazing voice =)

  20. lin90210 Says:

    amazing voice =)

  21. lilacadventurer12 Says:

    I really love James!!!! nice video…..

  22. deboryte Says:

    He is so talented.
    I love his voice, lyrics of songs that he playing, and his accent too 🙂

  23. sunshinesoaker25 Says:

    I have so much love for this man <3

  24. adritomasi Says:


  25. laykamarie Says:

    he’s so down to earth and so talented!i love his accent!