James Blunt – ‘So Far Gone’ [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

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30 Responses to “James Blunt – ‘So Far Gone’ [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]”

  1. MrCouldntchooseaname Says:

    @AnneloveRieneke if you think JB stand for james blunt and look at those reactions, there not positive towards James Blunt. Or, did i understand you completly wrong in the first place? I am a huge fan of James Blunt. His songs take my breath away!

  2. AnneloveRieneke Says:

    @MrCouldntchooseaname maybe that’s truth, what has that to do with my reaction??

  3. MrCouldntchooseaname Says:

    @AnneloveRieneke You do realise that at most music video’s JB is used in a bad way?

  4. Verevoshka Says:

    where it was filmed?

  5. hilaryduffok Says:

    new hair cut!!!

  6. hilaryduffok Says:

    new hand cut~~~~

  7. Cerandubois Says:

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  8. pnx127 Says:

    great song if you like this try change of heart by Kulu

  9. frenchiita Says:

    James is sooo hot! Love his eyes and his beautiful voice!

  10. favaliii Says:

    James Blunt = Pure Music =)

  11. chanelelizabethx Says:

    wooo babytard ftw!

  12. rems2008 Says:


  13. lilshendo Says:

    A lot of people say his voice is cracking, I like his voice, it is very unique and adds a new dimension to his songs.

  14. airwave162 Says:

    @ad6a8a that’s what his song No Bravery is about…i believe. U should check it out

  15. aiaipicky Says:

    james become more sexy..wow

  16. jinkiesitsazombie Says:

    I LOVE JAMES BLUNT!! haha my fiance could be his twin only my fiance has caramel colored eyes and has no accent. i watch James Blunt music videos every time i’m online it keeps me sane while my fiance is off in Kansas stationed there in the airforce. If James Blunt ever reads this…he probably wont but if he does thanks for getting me through the tough times while my fiance is away and just seeing your face makes me feel a whole lot better <3
    Shelby Nicole

  17. Seid39 Says:


  18. nicfoxunit Says:

    he has amazing eyes!

  19. ad6a8a Says:

    Just heard him on an Adam Carolla podcast. Didn’t know he served in the Army.

  20. xanecas123 Says:

    Just perfect * (he is back). This is someone who really feels the music =) and it is very dificult to find in this years (2010,2011). Finaly someone who breaks the curse.

  21. mmolle2 Says:

    @AnneloveRieneke No WAY! There is only one JB! and thats not James Blunt! Its JACK BLACK! Tenacious D! this is great music.. but no one other that Jack Black can call them self JB! 😀

  22. xxdyogas1 Says:

    does anyone know where this clip was shot?

  23. TheGreta16 Says:

    I don’t know how, but James Blunt can make me cry. And still nobody don’t saw my tears, but he can force me to do it 🙂

  24. TheKchsyl Says:

    You stay the same. The same from the start.
    I believe that real music still exists thanks to singers like you. It’s trully you.

  25. syrinaxx Says:

    love love it

  26. Pop Geist Says:

    Get the pop music in!

  27. Shinoda Says:

    Shinoda would do it so much better

  28. Bridezilla Says:

    Love Bride zilla

  29. Girlicious Says:

    I love Girlicious

  30. Pop Music Says:

    I love Pop