James Blunt – Miss America [Unplugged]

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25 Responses to “James Blunt – Miss America [Unplugged]”

  1. Lucythevampire Says:

    I know this is a tribute song to Whitney Houston, but when I hear this
    masterpiece I think about Britney Spears :(

  2. loute Pincess Says:

    OMG love this song <3 It's so beautiful !!

  3. tom crow Says:

    Marilyn Monroe come straight into my mind before i even knew it was for
    Whitney Houston!!!!

  4. computermix Says:


  5. Tom the Man Says:

    Best. Song. Ever

  6. Eduardo Mossmann Says:
  7. Cc Smith Says:

    I love this version more. I am not a huge fan of the background singing on
    the studio versions chorus….

  8. Mex Seiko Says:

    I can sing exactly like that, but I need to suck on helium first.

  9. Sportsguy574 Says:

    He’s an astounding singer, but an even better writer.

  10. Ben Richmond Says:

    My Favourite James Blunt Song Of All Time, I Prefer This Sort Of Song To
    The More Cheery Ones, I Don’t Know About Anyone Else But I Just Connect
    More With The Darker Depressing Ones As They Symbolise Life In General
    Better As Life Is Far From Cheery And Perfect But Is Unpredictable And
    Often Depressing. James Blunts Songs Come From The Heart And Are Honest,
    His Songs Are Perfectly Describe Everyday Life And Also Face Some Of The
    Harder Times In Life

  11. Dan Mullen Says:

    This is a great track from a great album. It’s not often you listen to a CD
    and enjoy every track, but James Blunt’s “Moon Landing” doesn’t contain any
    filler – it’s full of really catchy songs and is probably my favourite of
    his four studio albums to date.

  12. salgaldenco Says:

    We love you Whitney/Miss America.

  13. Dolhins smj Says:

    He is a great artist, he can create awesome songs

  14. Yvonne DeForest Says:
  15. pecfree Says:

    james blunt was so cool and edgy at the begning. now is a bunch of
    depressing mumblings crapy songs. shame sold out

  16. Fabio Giacomo Santomauro Says:

    James Blunt – Miss America [Unplugged]

  17. ToonZL Says:

    James Blunt has an OUTSTAND voice!!

  18. Zygisa Says:

    Bardzo dobry głos i brak gwiazdorstwa to jest to :)

  19. The Gadget Guy Says:

    As Talent as he is I have noticed he likes to Skim Melodies from different
    songs and put them in his, now the Melody for the Chorus does sound similar
    to “Bob Marley’s Buffalo Soldier” if you listen carefully but it’s still an
    excellent song but when something sounds too similar your mind does want to
    subconsciously investigate where you heard it before!

  20. totallytazz Says:

    I saw James Blunt perform last night in Melbourne. He said this song was
    written about Whitney Houston. It completely changed the way I view this
    song, and I love it even more than I already did. <3

  21. john healy Says:
  22. andy bradford Says:

    is the a full dvd of the song he did here as I see 3 or 4 more from the
    same place are on here /

  23. Jaya Prithivi Raj Says:

    it’s not an easy job to sing while playing Piano…. And +James Blunt is
    awesome as always. i am listening to his songs since 2004….. #true

  24. Georgia Lavine Says:

    serious shivers… music for my soul

  25. roger Winchell Says:

    Mary come back to me