James Blunt – Goodbye My Lover [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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33 Responses to “James Blunt – Goodbye My Lover [OFFICIAL VIDEO]”

  1. RoxMilly Says:

    lol :)- he looks sad 🙁

  2. st3phani3oo Says:

    R.I.P Jane Creba. Shot December 26th 2006 at 15 in Toronto, Ontario.

  3. MrBarbara28 Says:

    Love this song lyrics…! ;,,-(

  4. reecekainthwilkinson Says:

    anyone that dislikes this is a prick

  5. kylefurphy Says:

    Fukin Awsome !

  6. DbkGcw Says:

    I’ve had sex with this song!

  7. CratessetarC Says:

    @BestCodTrickShotters idiot

  8. cannabis2107 Says:

    @MaieBelle101 :///

  9. BestCodTrickShotters Says:


  10. JoshRubinstein Says:

    i saw James Blunt in New York, was so good!!
    By the way, if you like BLUNT, you might like STEVE KATZ (stevekatzmusic) or go to my channel.I can’t stop listening to his song “For the ffirst time” it’s so special..check him out. let’s help new artists! I am just back from his show at the Bitter End..

  11. lisergitek24 Says:

    non riesco a dirti addio

  12. emiynu Says:

    Most requested funeral song EVER!

  13. adimayful Says:

    every end is a new start..

  14. orer6 Says:

    nice hd!!! jks, the quality sucks

  15. jujubulle Says:

    This is a wonderful song, which make me cry each time I heard it!!!! 🙁

  16. jujubulle Says:

    This is a wonderful song, which make me cry each time I heard it!!!! 🙁

  17. bluchismoon Says:

    Isn’t it just terrible when love is ended so unexpectedly? Even worse when you never did tell the other person how you felt about them, it ends before it can begin… T-T

  18. rip211 Says:

    Let’s skip these ads and get to the good part: at 0:00.

  19. AussieJiminThailand Says:

    Good bye Tania, sleep peacefully

  20. mist8k Says:

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  21. KikiBare152 Says:

    @hydroblast9 No Problem although i am young i kinda speak the truth on this, don’t worry on what happens if she has the soul, she will find out what could be the perfect relationship and if she cant see that guess what she has no soul. Just don’t stop talking to her, tell her how you feel give her this link, and she will see how much you really care for her. She will soon enough find out what you really mean to her. Good Luck(:

  22. olsss121 Says:

    uwielbiamm :*

  23. lovetilyouhate Says:

    @lilyfield9 same with me. wonder why am i even listening to it…. beautiful song though…. =/

  24. MrSpike378 Says:

    Michael Scott took new ownership over this song, can’t think of anything else 😀

  25. Cerandubois Says:

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