James Blunt – Goodbye My Lover (Live at the BBC)

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25 Responses to “James Blunt – Goodbye My Lover (Live at the BBC)”

  1. slowandonesided Says:

    ara ye should all wake up and smell the beans

  2. MCWhiteSayat Says:


  3. MCWhiteSayat Says:

    Yeeeh… This song is so beauty… and sad… And that song HELP US to protect and save our fellings, LOVE to somebody (parents, lover, sister, bother)… James. Only one THING.. BRAVO…

  4. 74Delboy Says:


  5. ivankovicdaki Says:

    Good bye Tamara.
    I will forever miss and love you.

  6. ifingerbellybuttons Says:

    Why is this only showing my views ?

  7. MrNightwishFun Says:

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  8. thinkingjack Says:

    I see it must be the new cool shit on youtube to quote a fucking thing on the video and get everyone to like your shit, must be a life thing.

  9. bigmouthmarianne4evr Says:

    @wagonwheel96 yeah, my boyfriend just broke up with me too last Sunday… I really want him back 🙁

  10. calhoun78east Says:

    @HabibiSophia It’s not another woman .If he told her he was so in love. it’s because he loves a man. He walked away because, he does love her but he can’t stay with her . it will only hurt her more if he tries to explain to her why he can’t stay because of his forbidden love for a man. He wants to make her happy but he can’t change what is in his heart and that is the drive that attracts him to men. He tried but he knows he can never change. He is protecting her from his dangerous life style

  11. wuzuppartyppl Says:

    @wagonwheel96 DUDE WHY???

  12. ArtistesTunisiens Says:

    She gave me wings and than out of nowhere she took them away, she let me fall from grace, I have tried to fix it and I just run into the cold walls that surround her heart, the warmth she once may have felt for me is gone and I am here freezong outside all while she watches me struggle to make her understand that I stil love her and that I would die a thousand times just to hear an honest ” I still love you” come out from her beautiful lips. And, as so many I lay here defeated and hoping.

  13. karito592 Says:

    amo esta cancion ! u.u* x culpa de una persona perdi a otra que queria mucho u.u* 🙁

  14. wagonwheel96 Says:

    Just broke up with my girlfriend 🙁 Love this song <3

  15. arratetxu Says:

    I think he really feels what he’s singing, regardless if you like him or the song. Personally, I think it’s a piece of art. Only a few songs can touch me as deep as this one and watching him singing it with that much emotion makes me get goosebumps…

  16. wyopaula Says:

    @HabibiSophia  tell her im sorry..i’ve been there. not sure when it will get better..funny how you think things are great one day..then poof

  17. gongsockfucker Says:


  18. HabibiSophia Says:

    My Friend was so in love and he just suddenly walked away-OMG she is devastated-
    He even told me he loved her so much-I am hurt too in this I just cant understand ths- it might be another womean I dont know..

  19. nefertiti8209 Says:


  20. rollyfe1370 Says:

    i miss you Chloe Poon

  21. greatman205ftw Says:

    JB should stand for james blunt not justin bieber
    cuz hes the boss now that faggy ass lesbian

  22. DubstepUnorthodox Says:

    @shezzallee and me dude

  23. DubstepUnorthodox Says:

    Fucking love this song so much <3

  24. tomekzoltowski2 Says:

    tak bardzo Cie kocham ze zyc bez Ciebie nie moge twoj na zawsze tomek

  25. tomekzoltowski2 Says:

    dla Izy Jasinskiej