Hold Up A Light Music Video Live – Take That

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34 Responses to “Hold Up A Light Music Video Live – Take That”

  1. Idumpedonatramp Says:

    Omfg I love markie!! Oooft 😉 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  2. MCFLYINox Says:

    the next star is la roux 😉 haha, this song is amazing!

  3. Lappedykker2980 Says:

    The circus tour ♥ Brilliant !! (: ♥

  4. nathippo Says:

    I was there when they filmed this .. was AMAZING !!!!!!

  5. nathippo Says:

    I was there when they filmed this .. was AMAZING !!!!!!

  6. YouSillyClown Says:

    Mark is so sparkly! I love it! <3

  7. Giftshop2008 Says:

    Can u do anything else but feel happy when u listen to this…. 🙂

  8. virtah123 Says:

    Cant wait to see them in June!!! COME ON!!!!!!!

  9. OriginOfStarlight Says:

    Take That make ONE HELL of a show!

  10. pdmcgurk Says:

    ahh!!! gives me chills x

  11. smcca09 Says:

    love this song <3

  12. ChloeG28 Says:

    mark owen in a shiny suit <3

  13. TheNoobB0x Says:

    Adicted to this

  14. bibileif Says:

    gorgeous show!!! best group ever!!! l♥vely mark!!!

  15. tommy1tit Says:

    welcome to the black parade

  16. hisatennis Says:

    does anybody have its b-side “”powerless”?

  17. J4KEH4M Says:

    hold up a light for me, hold up a bloody big elephant…


  18. ChloeG28 Says:

    next year , it will be a arena tour x

  19. gixerkiduk Says:

    dose any one know when the lads are on tour again ????????

  20. gixerkiduk Says:

    fab song rock on mark

  21. RayBarnettLady Says:

    Mark ♥ at hold up a light ♥

  22. siimsp Says:

    Sounds like some old fart is singing

  23. bispy06 Says:

    went to watch em at coventry n cardiff they r the boys

  24. funkeybeans123456 Says:

    i saw it in wemberly it was AMAZING!!!!! ahhh i love this song!

  25. beadilicious Says:

    i love the elifant it is awesome !!!!

  26. Brad Pitt Says:

    Brad Pitt is awesome

  27. Middle East Comedy Club Says:


  28. Hannah Montana Says:

    Miley Cryus is H.O.T

  29. B Music Says:

    Thank goodness for that!

  30. Majestic Concerts Says:

    Well done for getting this far – thanks 🙂

  31. Blues Music Says:

    I can’t stop singing the blues

  32. Music at a Tangent Says:

    You should come and join our party, you’ll have fun..

  33. Fell Foot Festival Says:

    We need more people for the Fell Foot Music Festival! 🙂

  34. dance floor hire Says:

    Love to dance 😀