HALO 4 – Glad You Came (The Wanted Parody)

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25 Responses to “HALO 4 – Glad You Came (The Wanted Parody)”

  1. barithzzaespinoza Says:

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  2. barithzzaespinoza Says:

    Megusta prorcue lotengo

  3. Charlie Fedler Says:

    Moving “Forward Unto Dawn”

  4. Charlie Fedler Says:

    Master chief is heading toward sunrise. I guess you could say he’s

  5. rejectedrocky2011 Says:

    Great song going to favorite

  6. Isaac Cousins Says:

    Fucking imagine while they were recording the campfire part and someone just walks up on them and sees a bunch of guys in halo suits dancing around a fire, singing.

  7. awesomeshuppet Says:

    D: you’re not talking about those damn suicide grunts are you

  8. awesomeshuppet Says:

    *before watching* ive got way too many people theres no way i’m gonna subscribe
    *after watching video* so good… must resist MUST RESIST NOOOOO *clicks subscribe*

  9. Marcos Moreno Says:

    Were low on rounds with grunts imbound but here we found our savior now with you around well master this campaghin were glad you came were glad you came

  10. Tanner Davis Says:

    So are marines. The grunts also had needlers. Pains in the as when there on legendary with like 20 of them

  11. ethan stonge Says:

    Cool armer

  12. Dominik Bos Says:

    Grunts are easy to kill becouse You play halo using spartans or one of the best soldiers (UNSC), for a regular marine they are probably equal or only a little weaker 😀

  13. MrDarkRemix Says:

    i see waht you did there

  14. MrDarkRemix Says:


  15. Raspberry Jam Says:

    such a funny parody! see our version of the original

  16. W1G4NER Says:

    were low on rounds with grunts inbound so we`ll just sing and dance around!

  17. Konotica Says:

    actually wat grunt lack in toughness they make up for in numbers and gernades

  18. TheHalfwayX Bray Says:

    no there just making it look realistic.

  19. AallooVideos Says:

    Cool video guys

  20. David Truong Says:

    Awesome vid

  21. Zelda3018 Says:

    That was fuck up… But the part when chief hit the marine was funny.

  22. matt0409z Says:

    Ya true dat

  23. Monkeyswarm Says:

    True dat

  24. Al Capwn Says:

    Yeah, they should’ve had “grunts inbound” replaced with “brutes inbound”. Then it would make sense. Unless, of course, the grunts were suicide grunts; then it’s understandable.

  25. Sagar Neupane Says:

    awesome cool vid