Final Fantasy X Music Video – James Blunt – You’re Beautiful

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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27 Responses to “Final Fantasy X Music Video – James Blunt – You’re Beautiful”

  1. DeathMasterDark Says:

    What’s the closing song?

  2. ekamnair Says:

    in the censored version….it’s “FLYING HIGH” not “f***ng”….

  3. 89chocolatestarfish Says:

    Beautiful indeed :’)

  4. hyt243 Says:

    Tears taste funny…

  5. lodine1 Says:

    finally i have found the unedited version and those who have a problem with the famous 1:55 well you know what the truth is the truth i never met anyone who is freakin high but f***ing high yup thats how it is

  6. mikeyloveslorraine Says:

    Thanks mate…been looking for the unedited version.

  7. ListenToHearts Says:

    I love this song, but not the singer cause sounds like a girl.

  8. HollowAkasuki Says:

    haven’t listened to this song in forever

  9. limeugene1 Says:

    its great

  10. night3song Says:

    This is truly beautiful….

  11. dianahernandezsssffx Says:

    I love this video!!! so romantic 😀 i love tidus && yuna ^_^

  12. SkyKing00 Says:

    the best 1 made like this was made by this tomcat person it had over 3 million views but youtube removed it

  13. Divinemartyr Says:

    wow I didn’t see the ending the first time. That was IMPRESSIVE probably one of the most perfect scenes to music I have ever seen.

  14. Divinemartyr Says:

    This is one helluva a vid, the music is really something, and it almost seems to be made for this relationship. Or at least thats just my opinion.

  15. ILECH098 Says:

    @YINGAI1995 whats wrong with that? fucking high its normal!

  16. Crayne1725 Says:


  17. Crayne1725 Says:

    It’s wonderful and I’m so touch of this lovely song!

  18. 0cusa0 Says:


  19. GODfreak1989 Says:

    i love watching this video. . again and again i love watching this kind of vid. .

  20. GODfreak1989 Says:

    i love watching this video. . again and again i love watching this kind of vid. .

  21. cheeky20001 Says:

    One of the best fan music vids I’ve seen.
    Thank you! <3

  22. nopainz23 Says:

    nice video

  23. videogamelover999 Says:

    beautiful!!^_^ i loved the song and the you made the clips matched really well!! you did an amazing job!! =D 100/5 stars!! 😉

  24. xoTamox Says:

    i love this so much! <3 🙂 the song really matches wit ur video :]] especially this part : 1:07 :]] LOL

  25. xoTamox Says:

    @YINGAI1995 : yuu r so right ! but on the radio , it says ” flying high ” lol

  26. DigiMusic Says:

    Digital music is where its at

  27. Celeb Blog Says:

    One of my favourite celes ever!