Esmée Denters – Love Dealer ft. Justin Timberlake

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25 Responses to “Esmée Denters – Love Dealer ft. Justin Timberlake”

  1. 88099Vlad Says:

    Couse i could be your dinner)))

  2. KarenVonVogue Says:

    Well, thats good… i wanna fuck with both jaja

  3. TheSingingboy9 Says:

    hey everyone my name is ryan damas i am a singer and i was wondering if you guys can check out my channel and rate commet and subscribe

  4. AxelSpark Says:

    Who’s here for Esmée? :>

  5. serpilnaifu Says:

    Een door de weeks meisje uit Arnhem wat even ergens op een gebouw in NYC samen met Justin Timberlake zingt.

  6. genevieve helena Says:

    she’s so awesomeee

  7. ashraf65ify Says:

    Esmee komt uit nederland

  8. witijsbeer Says:

    Me xD!

  9. 68pityesz Says:

    nagyon jo 

  10. Tomer250493 Says:

    This comment won’t get many LIKEs……sorry 🙂

  11. trio3d Says:

    Esmee sorta looks like Sarah Chalke

  12. nikol zarou Says:

    magic voices!!!!!

  13. MariaLightmyfire Says:

    I wanna fuck him so bad.

  14. 127eadgbe Says:

    Repetitions, repetitions, and people keep on buying this kind of stuff. Pop music has become as conservative as a die-hard Republican.

  15. torontocitybitch Says:

    Uploaded…2 years ago? Why aren’t you everywhere by now? Ur amazing.

  16. kokkokkokify Says:


  17. x1DutchGirl Says:

    Who’s Jenny? :p

  18. Lora Velkova Says:

    i thought it’s love diva 😀 but still,awesome song !

  19. KCK333EF Says:

    She is sooo HOT!!!! 😀

  20. cashinapig Says:

    I heard this in JC Penney the other day and flipped out!

  21. EuiSupergirl Says:

    he can be hot,sexy,cute in the same time!

  22. TheBlogChic Says:

    you are disgusting pigs!

  23. kim123kim123kim Says:

    helemaal hier op gedanst met groep 😀
    lkr numr

  24. JuliaSegal1980 Says:

    She sounds like Jenny a little bit 🙂

  25. angelatrana10 Says:

    LOL. Oh My Gosh.The Top comments are Hilarious! And By the way, Justin Timberlake was her rrecord dealer signer. I love her she sings so good! xDDD