Daniel Powter – Next Plane Home (Video)

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25 Responses to “Daniel Powter – Next Plane Home (Video)”

  1. WW3seeker Says:

    Glad that artists like this are still around, so sick of all those autotune
    shit about boobs, money, cars and fucking.

  2. hathganus Says:

    What a cute vid! 

  3. Rama Renspandy Says:

    Oh, how I miss home. I’ll sing this on Juanda next January. Perhaps.

  4. lekzy prapusss Says:

    Nice song

  5. Jérôme Ferru Says:

    Next Plane Home (DP with Go D.)

  6. Patty August Says:

    This song reminds me to someone.
    Sweetie…are you wake up ?…

  7. Borripat Chaisuwan Says:


  8. elizabeth menorea Says:

    I can relate this song. when i was working outside my country, I always
    counting for a next plane going home.

  9. Marcelo Gostinski Says:


  10. Chloe Lee Rowlands Says:

    Good song, TERRIBLE HAT.

  11. Sammy Lopez Says:

    OMG I can’t believe it he came to the school for interview.i love the song
    had a bad Day.

  12. Wendy Yeo Says:

    on this day…

  13. Suryadi Wangsadiredja Says:

    next plane home!!

  14. 許潔 Says:


  15. FreakyTAOz Says:

    Seriously? I think the view count is missing like 2 number behind

  16. ivansofun Says:

    I feel sorry for Daniel Powter for being identified as a one-hit wonder
    with his song, “Bad Day”. The guy has talent and has composed some other
    good songs too — not just “Bad Day”.

  17. Clockwork Says:

    Haven’t heard this in a while :)

  18. karin angel Says:

    hes just so…. unf.! ♥ love him.!!!

  19. 125barrato Says:

    and the tears start from 2:55 :'(

  20. lolz Says:


  21. dontsnow2 Says:

    Lol… that describes him perfectly!

  22. Chuer Lin Says:

    such a good song!

  23. Tai Chen Says:

    its so sweet~~~~~i real like

  24. Laurien Horanx Says:

    This song have 2be more populair than gagnam style

  25. juliana londoño Says: