Daniel Powter-Bad Day (lyrics)

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25 Responses to “Daniel Powter-Bad Day (lyrics)”

  1. Celeste Buschmann Says:

    I’ve known this song for forever and I still love it <3

  2. DarknessWithinMe Says:

    So what do you do when everyday is a bad day? :(

  3. ethan alexsander erwin Says:

    I love this song

  4. Owen McCafferty Says:

    Great song …. but still sounds like a Supertramp song!! lol

  5. Metro Stoof Says:

    Known the song all my life. First time finding out who the song is by. XD

  6. Jennifer White Says:

    this was my favorite song in kindergarden looks like ive had good taste
    from the beginning

  7. RainbowConjurer Says:

    Oh my god so much Nostalgia from this song…

  8. the2airheads Says:

    Today is my bad day.

  9. Baton. Says:

    i looked up bad day and youtube suggested justin bieber… Today is a sad

  10. Fernanda Flores Says:

    HAHAHA I though it was Justin’s Bad day song lol

  11. MikoyCreator Says:

    Cheers to a wonderful stupid f*cking saturday!!!

  12. wantedforanera Says:

    I swear this is like the most famous song ever.

  13. stickmandude1 Says:

    Your childhood isn’t over yet

  14. lj samskie Says:


  15. Darshan Patel Says:

    My childhood song and I’m 13

  16. stupidfunnyguy62 Says:

    i only listened to this song because its a great song and plus i had a bad
    day today

  17. Kieley king Says:

    nope, soz im in year 2015, better luck next time 😀

  18. Paxton Winters Says:

    Congrats on 25,000,000+ views

  19. DeejayRemax Says:

    Nope, I’m way far from the future, I’m listening to this in 2234, you
    jealous? Fucking kids.

  20. Kale Istalkin Says:

    Mondays are obviously sad when I was still in school!

  21. Isaac Hisey Says:

    So sing a sad song and turn it around 😉

  22. Amber Chavez Says:

    I love this song

  23. MinecraftSleepyFilms Says:

    I hear this every Monday after work!

  24. Victor Patefield Says:

    this song is awesome !!!!i!!

  25. Noor Baig Says:

    The Monday song!