Crazy all my life – Daniel Powter (lyrics)

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25 Responses to “Crazy all my life – Daniel Powter (lyrics)”

  1. Dahn H Says:

    The first time i heard the song i thought it was the voice of Adam
    Levine….. lol

  2. Kierson Sta. Maria Says:

    I tougHT THAt Was Voice OF Adam lavigne

  3. Andrew Komaniecki Says:

    I don’t know why none of Daniel’s Powter’s songs never made it to one of
    Hollywood’s top songs besides “You had a bad day”. His songs are actually
    pretty good though.

  4. Giorgi Kheladze Says:

    crazy all my life greeeaaat coool I love itttt

  5. Efi Geo Says:

    Crazy all my life – Daniel Powter (lyrics):

  6. Gin Soriano Says:

    Crazy all my life – Daniel Powter (lyrics):

  7. Crazedragon Says:

    catchy song :P

  8. mgonzalez197222 Says:

    Definitely one of my favorite songs,Love it <3

  9. KatyLPSTv™ Says:

    Sounds like Adam Lavigne Sorta

  10. CLARA MOULIM Says:

    i love music because i too crazy all my life 

  11. Lizi Lizi Says:
  12. saylor moon Says:
  13. nilia ak Says:

    I love this song

  14. Carla Jovana Gutierrez Rosas Says:

    Me encanta me fasina me todo
    Les recomiendo ver un video de un
    Cerdito que trata de comer una galleta véanlo, es igual de maroon 5…

  15. Karen Warman Says:

    Love it. It has a few things that reminds me of me

  16. Efi Geo Says:

    Crazy all my life – Daniel Powter (lyrics):

  17. brunomarsforevercool Says:

    I forgot which one but this song was use on a movie. can someone help me
    figure it out please?

  18. Magaly Nivolianitis Says:

    That’s what I thought. I thought it wad a maroon 5 soon

  19. Lady Sinovera Says:

    This is one of those songs that have me sitting in the car in the garage
    after I get home from work just to finish listening to it.

  20. mgonzalez197222 Says:

    Love this song, one of my favorite ;)

  21. Eduardo Ocampo Says:

    Yes !! Awe this song <3 I'd go crazy all my life for this song 🙂 

  22. Marcela Loredo Says:

    Me gustó mucho esta canción!

  23. Ase 哈 Says:

    Good voice of adam lavigne XD

  24. Ailyn Noga Says:
  25. Fred Bachettafantasma Says:

    Continuo ad ascoltarla e ascoltarla ancora e ancora ogni giorno