Brand asked for marriage split via text message

US pop singer Katy Perry has made it to the cover of the Vogue magazine’s July cover. In an interview she told that she was really in love with ex-husband Russell Brand, the British comedian and actor, when she tied the knot with him in the year 2010. On 2011 new year’s eve, she received a text message from Brand in which he stated that he wanted a divorce from her and she has not heard from him since that time.

Katy Perry has blamed herself for the split of their relationship till she found the real reason, but she is not ready to disclose the reason. Katy stated that it is true that he is very funny, but that did not really help when Brand made a joke about her during a show and he was not aware that Katy was present there at the show.

Katy told that she felt a lot of responsibility for it ending, but then she found out the actual truth that she could not necessarily disclose because she kept it locked in her safe for a rainy day. She let go and she was like that this was not because of her; it is beyond her. Therefore, she has moved on from that.

Katy also spoke about her on and off relationship, which is now over, with singer John Mayer. She told that all she could say about that relationship is that he has got a beautiful mind. Beautiful mind, tortured soul. She does have to figure out why she is attracted to these broken birds.

Perry told writer Vicki Woods that she is not in a relationship, she is just on her own. She is myself in her own bed. She has to be happy being alone, and she is happy.


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